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Yugo and Az
Name Yugo
Character Voicing Fanny Bloc (French)
Jules de Jongh (English, Season 1-2, OVA)
Erica Harlacher (English, Season 3)
Moe Points short hair
From World of Twelve
Group Affiliation Eliatrope Council, Brotherhood of the Tofu
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Yugo is a character from the animated series Wakfu and its derivative works created by Ankama.


He is a young, optimistic, and brave Eliatrope who likes challenges. Because of his young age, he sometimes acts on impulse.


Yugo was one of the six original Eliatropes who formed the Council of Six, a thousand years ago, and came to the World of Twelve while escaping the Mechasms. Each Eliatrope was born inside a Dofus with a dragon: his companion dragon was Adamai. When he was reincarnated as a baby, he was raised by the Enutrof Alibert, who lived in the village of Emelka.

In season 1, he started out as a normal kid, but then he discovered his portal-making abilities. Then he discovered his true origin as an Eliatrope.