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Xiao Ai profile.jpeg
Name Xiao Ai (小爱xiǎo ài)
Special Birthday March 21 (fictional), July 26 (real life)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Red
Moe Points robot, bodysuit
From China
Group Affiliation Xiaomi

Xiao Ai (Chinese: 小爱) is the anthropomorphization of the Xiaomi AI Voice Speaker, released on July 26, 2017.


Xiao Ai was first launched on September 9, 2017.

It is installed in many Xiaomi devices such as mobile phones, AI speakers, and TV sets. Xiao Ai is currently used in eight scenarios including personal mobility, smart home, smart wear, smart office, children's entertainment, smart travel, smart hotel, and smart learning.


Being an AI, Xiao Ai has many functions, including operating other Xiaomi devices, playing music (like Amazon's Alexa), etc.


  • Xiao Ai has been included as a playable character in Xiaomi's MOBA Xiaomi Super Gods.[1]
  • Xiao Ai is female but also has a male counterpart.


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