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Hachi Logo.png
Real Name HACHIハチ
Eye Color Yellow eyes
Hair Color Old: Gray hair
New:Silver hair,Yellow hair (inner color)
Birthplace Virtual Japan
Moe Points singer, genki
Age 22
Birthday January 16
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Activity Info
Language Japanese
Scope of Activities REALITY
Fandom Name BEES
Emoji 🐝
Tag livestreams: [ #はちみや]
fanart: [ #HaChiArt]
songs: [ #ハチウタ]
Group Affiliation LIVE UNION
Affiliation & Activity History
Independent (July 2019-March 2020)
LIVE UNION (March 30, 2020-present)
Character Designer Sai Izumi
3D Modeler Yatsurugi


HACHI is a Virtual Singer who is active in YouTube and in the app REALITY.

She has no debut video! All of her settings are fan-made. Judging from the design, she takes references from bees.

During the live broadcasts, she repeatedly mentioned that if she hadn't downloaded REALITY unintentionally, she might have remained an unknown person, not knowing that there were actually so many people who liked her singing voice.

She has been doing karaoke for 10 years! During that time, she lost her voice three times due to a "bad cold", and in each time, she changed her vocal line. Each time she changed her voice, she tried a new singing style that suited her. Now she has a youthful voice with a bit of a young vibe.

Laughter is also an important part of her streams. Very low laughing point, very smiley. Her laughter sounded very naive, but very healing.

She tried singing 100 songs in a row for seven hours straight, for endurance. By the last few songs, she was still able to play at a high level, and her skills and lung capacity were very impressive.

"Dearest" was the first song that HACHI remembered.

Her goal is to hold a solo concert at Budokan!


When singing in livestreams, she often accidentally hits the table with her elbows or knees.

Because her body temperature is relatively high, some of her friends like to hold on to HACHI to keep warm when it's cold.

When she goes on a date with someone, she will go to a cafe and have a cup of coffee 30 minutes before the date.

It would be nice if she and Kanade Mimi would perform on the Budokan.

She will fire an amnesia ray if she makes a mistake while singing!




  • On July 2019, she started streaming in the app REALITY.


  • On January 28, 2020, she released a PV for YouTube for her cover of Slow Downer.
  • On March 9, 2020, she opened her YouTube channel.



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