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Debut design
New design
Name Judy/秋蒂
Other Names Qutie
Birthday September 10
Horoscope ♍Virgo
Age 19
Height 158cm
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Moe Points
From China
Group Affiliation Virtopia Club

Judy is a Chinese VTuber.


Not just a VTuber, but also an interpreter. She is a virtual idol who is signed to iQiyi, and is mainly active on bilibili. In the past, she studied abroad in Japan, now she is currently living in Beijing because of her contract with iQiyi.

Her dream is to get a 3D design. (This dream has currently been realized, now her new dream is to stand on a big stage and bring happiness to everyone.) The "Qiu" (秋) in her name means "Autumn". Her design incorporates autumn leaves.

She has a pet hedgehog called DD.



  1. Also used in iQiyi's Dimension Nova

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