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Ayana Nana
74975459 p2 master1200.jpg
Artwork of Nana by Template:Topixiv
Full Name Ayana Nana (綾奈 なな, あやな なな)
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Blue
Height 156cm (including heels and ears/actually 142cm)
Birthday August 18
Moe Points rabbit, kemonomimi, joshikousei, ahoge, inner color
Origin China
Act Range bilibili
Status Active (VTuber)
  1. 綾奈なな
Fandom Name 粉兔子1
Emoji Windchime 🎐, Rabbit 🐰
Related People Illustrator: 雪柊しま
Live2D Modeler: Brian Tsui

Ayana Nana is a Chinese Virtual YouTuber under P-SP. She debuted on February 13, 2019.


The high school girl with pink hair and rabbit ears is a pure, innocent student who is often called to detention for bad studies. She has a sweet tooth, loves to eat crepes and ice cream. Likes staying up late to play video games.

She is a diligent live streaming machine, Bilibili dynamic artist. Her main content is games, singing and other things, etc., will also contribute to the wonderful live content clip video and cover PV.

Nana has been back online after a long recuperation period due to gastrointestinal and fractures. If Nana doesn't have enough energy, you can watch the recording in Nana's favorites.


She's a bunny girl with pink hair and blue eyes, has short hair with an ahoge sticking out. Wears a blue ribbon with bells on one of her sideburns. Her basig clothing is a blue and white summer dress with a blue windchime tied around the waist with a pink ribbon.

Nana can hide her ears.


Feb 13Made her debut announcement.
May 22Reached 30,000 fans.
Jun 23Played Super Bunny Girl.
Jul 8Reached 50,000 fans.
Aug 17Released her first original song.[1]
Aug 18Celebrated her birthday.
Nov 13Covered the Final Fantasy FFXIV song.[2]
Birthday artwork
Jan 23Made a cover of the 'Spring Festival Overture".[3]
Feb 13Covered the song "Colorless".[4]
OctReleased her second original song, "Rainy Magic".[5]
First anniversary artwork. Artist: TunTun
2021Jan 3Covered "Fly Me to the Star", the ending of Revue Starlight.[6]
2021Nov 21Covered the song "Watashi no Mikata".[7]
2021Dec 19Covered the song "Kamippoina"/[8]
Jan 14Covered the song "Tiny Stars" by Pudding.
Feb 13Released her cover of No.1 for her anniversary.[9]
AprCovered "Anything Goes!" from Kamen Rider OOO along with Yuka.[10]


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