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Artist: SKbogi
Name Umy/呜米
Hair Color Gray
Multi Eye Color Blue, Red
Height 158[note 1]
Weight You wanna die?
BWH Bigger than a sheep's
Age Over 30,000 years old
Birthday May 28
Status Active as a VTuber
Fandom Name Mi Stars (小米星1)[note 2]
Emoji ☀️☀️☀️
Moe Points kemonomimi, wolf, big breasts, seiso, kneesocks
Related Characters Mama (illustrator): Tsuruya An
Papa (modeler): -MIGGY-
Partner: Merry

Umy is a VTuber currently active on bilibili, she debuted on September 19, 2020.


I am Umy, ruler of the seas!

I am also the energetic snow wolf, Umy! From the prairie with abundant land and rich vegetation~
Umy nyan!~ I also want to be everyone's idol!~~ I work hart to improve and be on stage, kira⭐~~kira⭐~~
My livestream's main content is four hours of songs, eight hours of Guo Shi Wushuang, and the broadcast of chicken and killing a person, etc.
In short, can you click and follow to adopt this little wolf?
Self-introduction video:

Wide ModeShow


Umy as a wolf cub

Silver-grey shawl hair, two gold earrings on the left ear, a collar with the little sun logo on his neck, a white top with the "-50%" sign on it, and a red coat on the outside.
She was wearing a zippered skirt, white over-the-knee socks on her left leg, black socks on her right leg, and sneakers with a dog head pattern.
The tail is a plugin.




sep19Umy debuted and opened her Bilibili channel.







nov27Made her 500,000 fan celebration video.[1]


Umy's song covers

Related memes

From Umy's self-introduction.
"Umy Tractor"
Because Umy's tongue is so powerful, it is called a tractor
"Big White Dog"
Although she calls herself a light-energy snow wolf, she often calls herself a big white dog during live broadcasts...


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  1. Still growing
  2. Formerly Jiumi 揪米1


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