Manjimaru Sengoku

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Manjimaru Sengoku.jpg
Name Manjimaru Sengoku (戦国卍丸)
Blood Type A
Age 15
Height 162cm
Weight 52kg
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Purple
CV Kazu Ikura
Moe Points sword, hero
From Jipang
Related Characters
Oharu (mother)
Kabuki Danjuro, Kinu, Gokuraku Taro

Manjimaru Sengoku (せんごく まんじまる) is a character in Hudson Soft's Tengai Makyou series.


His first appearance was in Tengai Makyou II: Manjimaru.

Manjimaru is a young boy who comes from the village of Shirakawa, in the Yamato region of Jipang, and he is a descendant of the Fire Clan. Long ago, the Fire Clan waged a battle against the Root Clan, led by the evil god Yomi. In the present day, Manjimaru and his guild, who were also Fire Clan descendants, had to find seven mythical weapons used by the Fire Clan, to cut down seven giant orchids which had emerged from the ground, in order to prevent the Root Clan and Yomi from invading Jipang once again.

He possesses a powerful sword, with which he can perform many jutsu.


  • Tengai Makyou II: Manjimaru
  • Far East of Eden: Kabuki Klash
  • Saturn Bomberman
  • DreamMix TV World Fighters