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Base Info
Original Name MashiMaro (마시마로)
Original Work Format Flash animation
Original Work Writer Kim Jae-in
Region South Korea

MashiMaro (마시마로) is a South Korean character franchise created by Kim Jae-in in 2000. Currently, the license of the character is held by Lambswool Electronics.


The original MashiMaro shorts were animated in Flash and published in the character's official website in 2000.


Mashimaro is a short, pudgy white rabbit who lives in a forest.


Mashimaro (마시마로)
The main character, a short, pudgy white rabbit who almost always has his eyes closed. He has a bizarre, goofy personality.
Boogaloo (부갈루)
A bear, who acts as Mashimaro's rival sometimes.
Mero (메에로)
A goat.
Pista (피스타)
A monkey.
Piyoz (피요즈)
A pig who acts as a police officer.
Noonoo (눈누)
A dog.
Pistachi (피스타치)
A monkey and Pista's son.
Booma (부마)
A bear cub and Boogaloo's son.

Derivative works


A CD-ROM game for PC based on MashiMaro was developed by eSofnet in 2003, and it was a collection of minigames.

A smartphone game was released in 2011, titled MashiMaro Defense, and it was developed by Funigloo.


The Chinese animation studio Dancing Culture produced a new series of animated MashiMaro shorts in 2018. Season 2 premiered in 2019, and Season 3 premiered in 2020.


A web movie titled Detective Mashimaro (大侦探马修) premiered on iQiyi in April 3, 2022. It combined live-action with animation, featuring Mashimaro as a detective in ancient China.

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