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'''''Catch! Teenieping'''''
Catch Teenieping.jpg
Original Name 캐치! 티니핑
Translation Name Catch! Teenieping
Catch! Ping
Catch! Teenieping: Fairies of Emotion
Region South Korea
Episodes 52 (Season 1)
TBA (Season 2)
Studio SAMG Entertainment
State Finished

Catch! Teenieping (캐치! 티니핑) is a South Korean animated television series created by SAMG Entertainment in 2020.


The series was revealed at a press conference held by SAMG at Patio9 on January 16, 2020. [1] According to SAMG, the animation would "introduce a new concept, never seen before in animation series for girls".[1] The series first aired on KBS 2TV on March 19, 2020.[2]

In September 2021, it was announced that a second season was in production.[3] The second season, titles Sparkling Catch! Teenieping (반짝반짝 캐치! 티니핑), premiered on September 22 of the same year.


Romi, the princess from a fantasy kingdom called ‘Emotion Kingdom’, accidentally frees mind fairies that have been sealed and secured for a long time. These mind fairies have abilities to affect people’s emotions and behaviors. Romi needs to come to Earth and “Gotta Catch’em All!” before they make chaos in human world!

- From SAMG's website[note 1]


Emotion Kingdom

  • Romi (로미)
Voiced by Lee Ji-hyeon

The main character and the Princess of the Emotion Kingdom. She has to retrieve the Teeniepings scattered on Earth all while balancing her job as an employee at the Heartrose Bakery.

Romi can transform into different forms when combined with each Royalping:

  • Princess Heart: Combined with Heartsping.
  • Princess Melody: Combined with Lalaping.
  • Princess Star: Combined with Gogoping.
  • Princess Cloudia: Combined with Dadaping.
  • Princess Clover: Combined with Chachaping.
  • Princess Sunshine: Combined with Happying.
  • Princess Veronica: Combined with all the Royalpings. The most powerful form. Appears on Episode 52.
  • Heart King (하트킹)
Voiced by Choi Nak-joon

Romi's father, the king of the Emotion Kingdom.

  • Queen Verita (벨리타 왕비)
Voiced by Yeo Minjeong

Romi's mother, the queen of the Emotion Kindgom.

  • Queen Stella (퀸 스텔라)
Voiced by Hong So-young

Romi's grandmother.

  • Sarah (사라)
Voiced by Kim Eun-ah

Romi's cousin, who currently works at Heartrose Bakery.


  • Maya (마야)
Voice: Jang Ye-na

Romi's friend, she has a feminine and innocent personality.

  • Mary Lou (메리루)
Voice: Kim Chae-ha

Romi's friend, she is the opposite of Maya, having a cool, tomboy-like personality.

  • Ian (이안)
Voice: Kim Hyun-wook

A chef at Heartrose Bakery.

  • Kyle (카일)
Voiced by Um Sang-hyun

An employee at the Heartrose Bakery. He grew up in a family who owns a conglomerate, but ran away from home because they didn't approve of his dream of becoming a patissier.

  • Jun (준)
Voiced by Kim Myeong-jun

A regular employee at Heartrose Bakery.

  • Lena (레나)
Voiced by Lee Bohee

A girl at Romi's school who is mean to Romi.

  • Cindy (신디) and Hani (하니)
Voiced by Sa Moon-young (Cindy) and Lee Min-jeong (Hani)

Lena's subordinates.


The main focus of the series. The Teeniepings are small creatures who each represent a different feeling. Each Teenieping causes a different effect on the person whose mind they are entering.


The Royalpings are a special kind of Teeniepings. They accompany and assist Romi on her mission, and when needed, can help her transform into a different Princess.

  • Heartsping (하츠핑)
Voiced by Jo Gyeong-i

The Teenieping of Love. Pink in color.

  • Lalaping (라라핑)
Voiced by Jang Ye-na

The Teenieping of Joy. Purple in color.

  • Dadaping/Baroping (바로핑)
Voiced by Shin Yongwoo

The Teenieping of Righteousness and Sincerity. Blue in color. He ends his sentences with "barom".

  • Gogoping/Azaping (아자핑)
Voiced by Um Sang-hyun

The Teenieping of Courage. Yellow in color. His weapon is a camera.

  • Chachaping (차차핑)
Voiced by Bohee Lee

The Teenieping of Hope. Green in color.

  • Happying (해핑)
Voiced by Kim Eun-ah

The Teenieping of Happiness. Red in color. Anggeoping corrupted her and turned her into Giggleping (악동핑, Akdongping), but she is purified in Episode 45.

Other Teeniepings

  • Kikiping (키키핑): The Teenieping of Playfulness.
  • Sadping (주르핑, Jureuping): The Teenieping of Sorrow.
  • Charmping (아잉핑, Aingping): The Teenieping of Cuteness.
  • Surpriseping (띠용핑, Ttiyongping): The Teenieping of Surprises.
  • Shyping (부끄핑, Bukkeuping): The Teenieping of Shyness.
  • Moseyping (차나핑, Chanaping): The Teenieping of Sleep.
  • Spookping (무셔핑, Musyeoping): The Teenieping of Fear.
  • Blankping (깜빡핑, Ggambakping): The Teenieping of Forgetfulness.
  • Dareping (부투핑, Butuping): The Teenieping of Determination.
  • Mimicping: (따라핑, Ttaraping): The Teenieping of Mimicry.
  • Narrping (나르핑): The Teenieping of Narcissism.
  • Tutuping (투투핑): The Teenieping of Jealousy.
  • Goodping (차캐핑, Chakaeping): The Teenieping of Luck.
  • Tweetping (떠벌핑, Tteobeolping): The Teenieping of Chatter.
  • Noraping (노라핑) and Noriping (노리핑): Two Teeniepings who are brothers. Noraping is the older brother, while Noriping is the younger brother.
  • Angdaeping (앙대핑): An evil Teenieping and the main antagonist.

Jewel Teeniepings

Jewel Teeniepings (보석 티니핑, Boseok Tiniping) are another kind of Teeniepings, introduced in Season 2.

  • Joahping (조아핑): The Jewel Teenieping of Kindness. Her jewel is the Emerald.
  • Trustping (믿어핑, Mideoping): The Jewel Teenieping of Trust. His jewel is the Sapphire.
  • Teeheeping (방글핑, Banggeulping): The Jewel Teenieping of Laughter. Her jewel is the Ruby.


Season 1

No. # Title Airdate Aired on
1 1 "엉망진창 쿠키 만들기"
"Making Messy Cookies"
March 20, 2020 KBS 2TV
2 2 "아잉핑이 너무해!"
"Charmping is Too Much!"
March 27, 2020 KBS 2TV
3 3 "부끄러워 하지 마!"
"Stop Being Shy!"
April 8, 2020 KBS 2TV
4 4 "올바름의 티니핑, 바로핑"
"The Teenieping of Righteousness, Dadaping"
April 9, 2020 KBS 2TV
5 5 "최고는 누구?"
"Who is the Best?"
April 16, 2020 KBS 2TV
6 6 "용기를 내, 마야!"
"Be Brave, Maya!"
April 23, 2020 KBS 2TV
7 7 "깜박할 수도 있지"
"I Can Forget"
May 7, 2020 KBS 2TV
8 8 "배고플 땐 상상해 봐"
"Imagine When You're Hungry"
May 14, 2020 KBS 2TV
9 9 "희망아, 어서 와"
"Hope, Come Forth"
May 21, 2020 KBS 2TV
10 10 "눈물사탕은 어떤 맛?"
What Do Tear Candies Taste Like?"
May 28, 2020 KBS 2TV
11 11 "차나핑을 찾아라!"
"Find Moseyping!"
June 4, 2020 KBS 2TV
12 12 "즐겁게 노래 불러봐"
"Have Fun Singing"
June 11, 2020 KBS 2TV
13 13 "날 따라 해봐요"
"Come Follow Me"
June 18, 2020 KBS 2TV
14 14 "거울을 보면 안 돼"
"Don't Look in the Mirror"
June 25, 2020 KBS 2TV
15 15 "돌아와, 하츄핑"
"Come Back, Heartsping"
July 2, 2020 KBS 2TV
16 16 "무셔핑의 사진찍기"
"Taking a Picture of Spookping"
July 9, 2020 KBS 2TV
17 17 "나만 사랑해줘!"
"Love Me Only!"
July 16, 2020 KBS 2TV
18 18 "좌충우돌 생일파티" July 23, 2020 KBS 2TV
19 19 "행운을 부르는 도장"
"The Good Luck Stamp"
July 30, 2020 KBS 2TV
20 20 "다 말해버릴 거야!"
"I'll Tell You Everything!"
August 6, 2020 KBS2TV
21 21 "풍선껌 대소동"
"Bubble Gum Riot"
August 13, 2020 KBS 2TV
22 22 "욕심쟁이 다조핑"
"The Greedy Allmineping"
August 20, 2020 KBS 2TV
23 23 "화내지 말아줘!"
"Don't Get Angry!"
August 27, 2020 KBS 2TV
24 24 "바로핑이 많아졌어요!"
"Too Many Dadapings!"
September 3, 2020 KBS 2TV
25 25 "싫어 싫어, 시러핑!"
"I Don't Want It, Nonoping!"
September 10, 2020 KBS 2TV
26 26 "바네핑의 화살"
"Luvping's Arrow"
September 17, 2020 KBS 2TV
27 27 "장난이 제일 좋아"
"I Like Fun The Most"
September 24, 2020 KBS2TV
28 28 "춥다 추워! 덜덜핑"
"It's Cold! Coolping"
October 8, 2020 KBS 2TV
29 29 "그림이 살아있다?"
"The Painting is Alive?"
October 15, 2020 KBS 2TV
30 30 "동화 속 공주님이 되고 싶어!"
I Want to be a Fairytale Princess!"
October 22, 2020 KBS 2TV
31 31 "아휴~ 무거워, 무거핑"
"Ahh... It's Heavy, Mugeoping"
October 29, 2020 KBS 2TV
32 32 "뭐든지 거꾸로, 꺼꿀핑"
Flipping Anything, Oppoping"
November 5, 2020 KBS 2TV
33 33 "5명의 로미"
"The 5 Romis"
November 12, 2020 KBS 2TV
34 34 "씽씽핑은 빠른 게 좋아!"
"Ssingsingping Likes Speed!"
November 19, 2020 KBS 2TV
35 35 "아기가 좋아~ 베베핑!"
"I Like Babies~ Bebeping!"
November 23, 2020 KBS 2TV
37 37 "잠자는 하트로즈의 공주"
"Sleeping Hearts Rose Princess"
December 10, 2020 KBS 2TV
38 38 "로미, 레나와 딱 붙다?"
"Romi and Lena are Stuck Together?"
December 17, 2020 KBS 2TV
39 39 "토끼 괴물이 나타났다!"
"Rabbit Monster Has Appeared!"
December 24, 2020 KBS 2TV
40 40 "티니핑 축제"
"Teenieping Festival"
December 31, 2020 KBS 2TV
41 41 "장난감이 되었어요!"
"It Became a Toy!"
January 7, 2021 KBS 2TV
42 42 "하트로즈의 수상한 손님"
"Hearts Rose's Suspicious Guest"
January 14, 2021 KBS 2TV
43 43 "꽃 만들기 대소동"
"Flower Making Commotion"
January 21, 2021 KBS 2TV
44 44 "사고뭉치 아기 노리핑"
"Accidental Baby, Noriping"
January 28, 2021 KBS 2TV
45 45 "악동핑의 진실"
"The Truth About Giggleping"
February 4, 2021 KBS 2TV
46 46 "프린세스 선샤인"
"Princess Sunshine"
February 18, 2021 KBS 2TV
47 47 "공부할 땐 조용히, 똑똑!"
"Be Quiet When Studying, Ttokttok!"
February 25, 2021 KBS 2TV
48 48 "다 얼려버려! 꽁꽁핑"
"Freeze Everything! Kkongkkongping"
March 4, 2021 KBS 2TV
49 49 "찌릿핑은 짜릿짜릿해"
"Thrilling Jjiritping"
March 11, 2021 KBS 2TV
50 50 "바다에서 온 티니핑"
"The Teenieping from the Sea"
March 18, 2021 KBS 2TV
51 51 "로열핑의 이름으로"
"In the Name of the Royalpings"
March 25, 2021 KBS 2TV
52 52 "프린세스 베로니카"
"Princess Veronica"
April 1, 2021 KBS 2TV

Season 2

No. # Title Airdate Aired on
53 1 "반짝반짝 보석티니핑"
"Sparkling Jewel Teeniepings"
September 22, 2021 KBS 2TV
54 2 "티니핑 스쿨 개교!"
"Teenieping School Open!"
September 29, 2021 KBS 2TV
55 3 "간지럼을 참아야해!"
"We Have to Put Up With the Tickling!"
October 6, 2021 KBS 2TV
56 4 "아야아야 엄살은 그만~"
"Ayayaya, Stop Hurting Me!"
October 13, 2021 KBS 2TV



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