Nemuka Yume

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Name 眠歌ユメ
Birthday July 9
Horoscope ♋Cancer
Age 15
Height 156cm
Eye Color green
Hair Color white
CV Warma
Moe Points Braid
Related Characters
Nemuka Me, Shian

Nemuka Yume is one of the sound sources of the freeware "Song synthesis tool UTAU". It is produced by Warma, who provides the sound and designs the image.

Basic Information

  • Name: 眠歌ユメ
  • Chinese name: 眠歌梦
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 15 years old
  • Birthday: 7.9[1]
  • Height: 156cm[2]
  • Excellent range: C3~G6
  • Personality: mild

Sound library information

Types of sound banks Recorded scales Distribution dates Sound bank creators
Japanese CV G4 July 9, 2013 Warma
Japanese VCV ACT1 G4 April 5, 2014
Strong VCV (Nemuka Mizutoru) A4 April 5, 2014
Weak VCV (Nemuka Soraao) G4, B3 April 5, 2014
Japanese VCV ACT2 F#4, D#4 May 31, 2014

Notes and external links

  1. First version set at 10.26
  2. 152cm in the original version