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Name 雨歌エル(あまがえる, Amaga Eru)
Birthday July 15
Horoscope ♋Cancer
Age 20
Height 145cm
Weight 42kg
Eye Color blue
Hair Color green
CV Mizu Fujise
Moe Points
From Japan
Related Characters
Suia Hina (Same CV)

Amaga Eru (Japanese: 雨歌エル) is a virtual singer who is one of the sound sources of the free software "UTAU".

About the voicebank

The voicebank of Amaga Eru is only equipped with a CV, but the performance is not worse than that of a sound source with VCV after some god tuning.

The CV sometimes participates in the training of Amaga Eru.


Actually, 雨歌エル(あまがえる) can also be pronounced as あまかえる, かえる means frog

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