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Character design by kgr
Name 闇音 (やみね) レンリ
Yamine Renri
Other Names Yamine[1]
暗音连理, 暗音莲理, 暗音莲莉[2]
Birthday September 28
Horoscope ♎Libra
Age 17
Height 158cm
Weight 45kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Pink
CV Yuzuri (ゆずり)
Moe Points ahoge, long hair, Singer, bishoujo, hairpin
Active in Worldwide
Related Characters
Yuzuri (creator, voice provider)

Yamine Renri (闇音やみね レンリ) is a female voice library for the voice synthesis softwares UTAU and Synthesizer V (SynthV). The current language of the Voicebank is Japanese. UTAU Ver1.0 was released on September 28, 2014, UTAU Ver1.5 on September 28, 2015, UTAU Chinese version is in production[3]; the Japanese version for SynthV was released on November 11, 2018.


Renri's voice is clear and beautiful, similar to a human voice; it is one of UTAU's best voicebanks, it was developed in collaboration with Yamine Renri Project, but the project team stopped their activities.

Her voice provider and producer is Yuzuri ゆずり[4]The prototype version, Yamine Rei (闇音レイ), was produced in 2013, and has since been discontinued.

Basic Information

  • Name: Yamine Renri (闇音レンリ)
  • Character design: kgr
  • Nickname: Yamine Renri, 闇音, レンリ, 连璃, 暗音renri[1], 暗音连理, 暗音莲理, 暗音莲莉[2], etc.
  • Age: 17
  • Height: 158cm
  • Weight: 45kg
  • Birthday: 9月28日
  • Appearance: Fluffy and soft long pink hair, twin ahoge, light blue pupils.
  • Voice provider: ゆずりyuzuri
  • Favorite things: the Moon, the stars, and clothes with lots of decorations and laces.
  • Release date: 2014.09.28(UTAU Ver1.0)、2015.09.28(UTAU Ver1.5);2018.11.11(SynthV)

Yamine Renri's logo was designed by EyesOnly.

Yamine Renri's design was made by kgr.

Voicebank content


🌼 Usual voicebank

  • Yamine Renri Ver1.0(4 scales+1 append)

🌼Emotional voicebank

  • Yamine Renri Ver1.5(Ver1.0 + CLEAR + WHISPER + EDGE)
  • Yamine Renri CLEAR(4音階 连续音)
  • Yamine Renri WHISPER(3音階 连续音)
  • Yamine Renri EDGE(扩张音源)
Voice Phoneme Scale collection Type Description
NORMAL N/A A3/D4/G4/C5 Continuous tone The intensity of singing rises with the pitch
CLEAR [C] A3/D4/G4/C5 Continuous tone The singing voice is more powerful and neat than "NORMAL", and the treble has a slight sense of young teeth.
WHISPER [W] A3/D4/G4 Continuous tone The singing voice is weaker and fuller than "NORMAL"

The C5 scale calls the "↑" scale in Ver1.0.

[↑],[W] C5
EDGE ['] C4 Single tone Her voice has a "bubbling" sound
A3/D4/G4/C5 连续音

P.s. requires breath sounds, which can be used by entering [(romaji) R] or [breath0(1~5)] in the notes.


  • On September 28, 2018, the user Hai Zai'er released the song "The Star" (星之所在) at Bilibili using Yamine Renri as the Synthesizer V engine.
  • On November 11, 2018, the SynthV version of Yamine Renri (Japanese singing sound source) was officially opened for download.
  • The SynthV version of the sound source is made using some of the data from the original UTAU version and is divided into four articulation modes: N_D4, N_A3, C_D4, and W_D4. For each note, you can specify one articulation mode, if not, the most suitable mode will be automatically selected between N_D4 and N_A3 by pitch.


Demo videos

title used version tuning video upload timw
影炎≒Variation Ver1.0 EyesOnly EyesOnly September 28, 2014
Angelfish《エンゼルフィッシュ Ver1.5 EyesOnly EyesOnly September 28, 2015

Legend songs (over 100,000 views)


Title Producer Upload Time Note
【闇音レンリ】Sugar Guitar【オリジナル】 Police Piccadilly 16/08/23 18:00 original
ナーヴ・インパルス(Nerve Impulse) / 闇音レンリ Police Piccadilly 17/02/22 19:00 original
【闇音レンリ】Cynic【オリジナル】 Police Piccadilly 16/04/19 16:43 original
【闇音レンリ】 曖昧さ回避 【オリジナル】 Police Piccadilly 16/01/19 16:27 original
【闇音レンリ】変わらないもの【UTAUカバー】 cillia 15/10/03 17:09 cover
【闇音レンリ】End of Rain【UTAUカバー】 cillia 15/09/29 14:37 cover
【闇音レンリ追加音源配布】エンゼルフィッシュ【UTAUカバー】 yuzuri 15/09/28 00:00 配布

Synthesizer V

Title Producer Upload Time Note
【脑洞】如果把米津玄师的LEMON反着唱会怎么样......MELON / 闇音レンリ (完整版见简介) BK Xiao Lu 19/01/21 19:00 cover
【闇音】变成周杰伦风格了啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊 GrogTony 20/04/05 12:06 cover


Title Producer Upload Time Note Views
Beautiful World/歌、 闇音レンリ 犬神様 17/11/11 20:06 cover 52k
アンチグラビティーズ/歌、闇音レンリ 犬神様 17/11/11 20:06 cover 88k


Yamine Renri is widely acclaimed for her abundant resources, especially her breath and bubble sound data, which are her most praised place.

Yamine Renri is also known for her realistic, intensely emotional vocals with fake breath changes and natural intensity shifts, such as "Ambiguity Avoidance" and "Cynic" by Police Piccadilly, who has the label "Legendary Renri Remaster" (伝説のレンリマスター)

External links

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  4. Yuzuri is a girl in her twenties who has been producing songs since she was a student, but she can't call herself a singer because she doesn't have enough songs uploaded.