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暖暖 璀璨之约.jpg
Nikki in Shining Nikki
Name Nikki/Su Nuan-nuan (苏暖暖)
Birthday December 6
Horoscope ♐Sagittarius
Blood Type O
Age 19
Height 160cm
Eye Color Pale pink
Hair Color Pink
Character Voicing Liou Xiaoyu (Chinese, Love Nikki)
Xin Yue Bingbing (Chinese, Hello Nikki)
Chen Yiwen (Chinese, Shining Nikki)
Kana Hanazawa (Japanese)
Nathalie Hoover (English)
Lee Yong Shin (Korean)
Moe Points Spacetime Traveler

Nikki is the main character of the Nikki game series.


A young stylist from Earth who loves fashion, who was summoned to the world of Miraland by the queen, Nanari, to save it. Her hobbies include collecting adorable things and dressing up.

She has a cat called Momo.


  • Nikki is also a singer! In reality, Nikki has released a few albums. The first one, "宝藏", was released in 2019.[1]


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