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Pikopiko Fuuka Tachie.png
Name Fuuka
Birthday February 22
Horoscope ♓Pisces
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
CV Hara Fuuka
Moe Points Pixel art

Piko Piko Fuuka (ピコピコふうか) is a character in NHK's children's television series Inai Inai Baa!.


Piko Piko Fuuka is a character that only appeared in Fuuka era and appeared in the form of 2D animation. Voiced by Fuuka herself.

Every time appear will say: "I am Fuuka, Let's go!" (ふうかだよ、レッツゴー!) and comes with a 8-bit style BGM. The color of the clothes is the opposite of Fuuka herself; the feather on head is all red, and herself is one green and one red.

Can do things Fuuka herself couldn't do, such as bounce from high altitude.