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U-tan, always lively!
Name U-tan (うーたん)
Birthday April 7
Horoscope ♈Aries
Age 1 year and 8 months
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Light yellow
CV Kurumi Mamiya
Moe Points Genki
Color Orange (FF6600)
Related Characters
Wanwan, Fuuka

U-tan (うーたん) is a character from NHK's preschool television series Inai Inai Baa!.


She is from the Land of Music and is 1 year and 8 months old. The two maracas on her head are notable features. Favorite things are seaweed rolls and tea.

Appeared on April 7, 2003 with Fuuka. She still appeared since Fuuka's graduation, and is the role that has played the longest time.

U-tan appears as a puppet, voiced by Kurumi Mamiya and her puppeteer is Ikue Nanba.


  • There are two maracas with white and yellow plum-shaped patterns and green stripes on the head. The folk believe that the maracas are the ears. It is unknown whether the official setting has this.
  • Her main color is orange, and there are three red, yellow and green buttons on the chest or traffic light.
  • It seems that the gender is unknown, generally considered to be female (because I like flowers)
  • Never grows up
  • Short, can't do gymnastics with Wanwan and the others
  • Her catchphrase is "Genki genki!" (original: "げんきげんき!", the Chinese version is "full of spirit").
  • Her drawings are almost random, making it impossible for others to distinguish them. (In one episode, U-tan painted strawberries, apples, and tomatoes, and Pakupaku-san thought they all looked the same)

Good friends

  • Gu-tan (Japanese: ぐーたん, voice actor: Miyuki Sanae): It is a blue bug with a red antenna on its head. It's a foodie.
  • Bagon (Japanese: バコン, voice actor: Saori Higashi): The shape is a toy box with four wheels, with a green Tanggrass pattern headscarf on the head.
  • Hamigaki Man (Japanese: ハミガキマン, voice actor: Hiroyuki Shibamoto): The shape is a blue toothbrush wearing a red superman cloak, and his hand is a red toothbrush.
  • Moufuu (Japanese: モウフー, voice actor: Yumi Ishikawa): The appearance is pink woolen cloth, wearing a pink star pattern nightcap.
  • Kyappun (Japanese: チャップン, seiyuu: Kouki Miyata, Shoko Kikuchi): Water drop brothers and sisters, wash hands and bath with U-tan.
  • Kukku (Japanese: クックー, voice actors: Hiromi Ishikawa, Minako Tsutsu): Brothers in the appearance of two blue shoes, like to go out together with U-tan on adventures.
  • Omarun (Japanese: オマルン, seiyuu: Saori Higashi): A green auxiliary toilet seat.
  • Benkii (Japanese: ベンキー, seiyuu: Keiichi Sonobe): The king of the toilet country, the appearance is a toilet with Western-style curly hair and beard.
  • Rolly Roller: The appearance is toilet paper, with a trumpet in his hand.
  • Tee-chan (Japanese: ティーちゃん, voice actor: Masako Juu): debuted in early 2007. A girl with a box of pink facial tissues, helping U-tan wipe her nose.
  • Gotton (Japanese: ゴットン, voice actor: Kenta Matsumoto): debuted in August 2013.
  • Bageppa, Pappa (Japanese: バケッパ・パッパ, voice actors: Chiyako Shibahara, Taeko Kawata): Debuted on March 30, 2015.