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For the consideration of performance and template limitations, it is recommended to use the writing method that comes with the wiki syntax, see #Notes.


This template is used to abbreviate disambiguation display links, and will display links in disambiguation format without disambiguation.

If there are many disambiguation links in the same disambiguation section on the page, you can use {{dis}}.


{{dl|Disambiguation link|Optional, mandatory disambiguation format, generally do not need to fill in |nolink=<If set to true, no link will be generated, only text>}}

Currently supported disambiguation formats are:

  • Brackets disambiguation, for example: Welcome home (youzai daily king)
  • Prefix disambiguation, for example: Azur Lane:Javelin
  • # Anchor point disambiguation, such as Ghost All-Star#SecondaryGhost

Mandatory pattern characters:

  • Bracket disambiguation: (), the default is this mode
  • Prefix disambiguation: :
  • Anchor disambiguation: #


{{dl|Welcome Home(Youzai Daily King)}} <!-- Equivalent to: [[Welcome Home(Youzai Daily King)|Welcome Home]] -->

{{dl|Secondary element #concept and its evolution}} <!-- Equivalent to: [[Secondary element #concept and its evolution|Concept and its evolution]] -->

{{dl|Azur Lane:Javelin}} <!-- Equivalent to: [[Azur Lane:Javelin|Javelin]] -->

{{dl|Shining Fantasia: Kujo Poor (Moon Swordsman)}} <!-- Equivalent to: [[Shining Fantasia: Kujo Poor (Moon Swordsman) | Shining Fantasia: Kujo Poor]] -- >

{{dl|Shining Fantasia: Kujo Poor (Moon Swordsman)|:}} <!-- Equivalent to: [[Shining Fantasia: Nine Poor (Moon Swordsman) | Nine Poor (Moon Swordsman) ]] -->

Welcome home (youzai daily king)

Concept and its evolution

Azur Lane: Javelin

Shining Fantasia: Kujo Poor (Moon Swordsman)

Kujo Poor (Moon Swordsman)


MediaWiki can automatically generate display links:

  • When editing, enter [[Welcome home (youzai daily king)|]], it will be automatically converted to [[Welcome home after saving (The king of leisurely daily life)|Welcome home]]
  • Enter [[Azur Lane:Javelin|]] when editing, and it will be automatically converted to [[Azur Lane:Javelin|Javelin] after saving ]
  • When editing the XX:YYY(OO) page, enter [[|AAA]] (note the vertical line position), it will be automatically converted to [[XX:AAA(OO)|AAA]] when saving

Since this template will add unnecessary overhead, it is highly recommended that you use the above writing method, especially when you need to omit the disambiguation part a lot.