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This template series allows the content to be displayed in segments and divided into columns of a certain width.

It starts with {{multicol}}, breaks the content at the right place with {{multicol-break}}, and ends with {{multicol-end}} to selectively split the content into columns.

Both {{multicol}} and {{multicol-break}} have two anonymous parameters, the first one changes the width of each fragment, the default value is 100%, and the second one changes the spacing on the right side of each fragment.


{{multicol|calc(100% - 10em)}}
[[File:Moegirl_is_watching_you.jpg|thumb|left|120px|Moegirlpe-tan: I've been watching you!]]
[[File:局长.jpg|thumb|left|120px|Itchy Director]]
[[File:33.png|thumb|left|120px|33 girl: Oh?! ~]]

The effect is as follows:

There is no upper limit to the number of snippets. The width of each snippet is kept the same, evenly distributed by page width, and a 1em (almost a word) wide spacing is reserved on the right side to avoid text that looks connected.