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This is a special format template with superscript. It can display the corresponding navbox at the same time and save the display space.

The full English name of the template is "SupTemplate".


optional except the first parameter
  • The first parameter: the name of the linked article
  • The second parameter: the display character of the linked article
  • The third parameter: the template name of the superscript link (without Template), the default is the first parameter
  • arg: superscript chaining into the template display character, the default is "[+]"
  • title: superscript mouseover display character, default is "member template"
  • color: superscript character color, judged by default, #2C5594 if it exists, red if it does not exist

Example usage

* {{Supt|VOICE BEAR Studio}} <!-- Both the page and the corresponding navbox exist-->
* {{Supt|Crow's Mouth}} <!--The page exists, the corresponding navbox does not exist-->
* {{Supt|Chinese comic works}} <!--The page does not exist, the corresponding navbox exists-->
* {{Supt|Miao Mi Mi}} <!--The page and the corresponding navbox do not exist-->
* {{Supt|Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf|arg=⊙|title=Weslie}} <!--Parameter setting-->

* {{Supt|TrioPen Studio|TrioPen}} <!-- Both the page and the corresponding navbox exist, showing other characters-->
* {{Supt|Disabilities||disabilities}} <!--The page does not exist, but there is a corresponding template with another name -->
* {{Supt|Detective Conan|Shinigami Primary School|Conan|arg=♠|title=The murderer is you!|color=brown}} <!--All parameters-->