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Wuxing (五行) is a classical concept of Chinese philosophy.


In order, the five elements are Water, Fire, Wood, Gold, and Earth.

Works with this concept

  • Armor Hero: Legend of Light and Shadow
    • Dragon Man: Fire
    • Eagle Man: Wood
    • Rhino Man: Gold
    • Mastiff Man: Water
    • Tiger Man: Earth
  • Master Raindrop
    • Master Raindrop: Water
    • Niwa: Earth
    • Shao Yen: Wood
    • Jinhou: Metal (Gold)
    • Flamo: Fire
  • GG Bond series:
    • Monster Hero-Dream Guardians
      • GG Bond: Metal (Gold)
      • Phoebe: Fire
      • S-Daddy: Ice (Water)
      • Super Q: Stone (Earth)
      • Bobby: Wood