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Base Info
Original Name 猪猪侠 (Zhū zhū xiá)
Translation Name GG Bond
Original Work Format Animated television series
Original Work Writer Gu Zhibin
Adapted Format Movies
Region China

GG Bond is an animated media franchise created by Winsing Animation. It currently has 17 animated series, 6 movies, and 4 stage plays.


Main characters

  • GG Bond: Lu Shuang (except all versions below), Zhang Zikun (GG Bond: Guarding), Jackson Yee (GG Bond: Guarding, Future GG Bond)
  • Phoebe: Zu Qing (except all versions below), Rong Yan (GG Bond: Guarding), Peng Yufei (GG Bond: Guarding, Future Phoebe)
  • Super Q: Sun Jinhua (Seasons 2-4 [note 1]), Xu Jingwei (after Season 5), Zhuang Chengsong (GG Bond: Guarding)
  • Bobby: Wang Wei (Seasons 2-4 [note 2]), Xu Jingwei (Seasons 5-12), Liu Qingyang (GG Bond: Guarding, GG Bond: Agent G)
  • S-Daddy: Zu Qing (except all versions below), Li Taicheng (GG Bond: Guarding, GG Bond: Agent G)
  • Mr. Mihoo: Gao Quansheng (Season 1-6, the first two episodes of Season 7), Chen Zhirong (After Part 7, GG Bond: Dodgeball Legend)

Main supporting role

Works in the series

Animated series

Number Title Year
Season 1 GG Bond: Magic Jurassic 2005
Season 2 GG Bond: Martial Arts 2008 2006
Season 3 GG Bond: Adventure in the Future 2008
Season 4 GG Bond: The Transform Angel 2009
Season 5 GG Bond: Fairy Tales of the Brick Kingdom 2010
Season 6 GG Bond: Rescue Crew Comes 2012
Season 7 GG Bond: Monster Hero 2013
Season 8 GG Bond: Kung Fu Team 2014
Season 9 GG Bond: Shapeshifting Union 2015
Season 10 GG Bond: The Legend of Warriors 2015
Season 11 GG Bond: Light Guardians 2016
Season 12 GG Bond: Dream Guardians 2016
Season 13 GG Bond: Agent G 2017
Season 14 GG Bond: Dodgeball Legend 2018
Season 15 GG Bond: Racing 2019
Season 16 GG Bond: Undersea Wonders 2020
Season 17 GG Bond: Kung Fu Pork Choppers[1] 2021

Animated movies

# Title Release Date Box office (10,000 RMB)
1 GG Bond: Hatching June 29, 2012 1,188
2 GG Bond and the Beanstalk May 31, 2014 4,365
3 GG Bond: Ultimate Battle July 10, 2015 4,549
4 GG Bond: Guarding January 7, 2017 4,598
5 GG Bond: Lollipop in Fantasy July 5, 2019 3,595
6 GG Bond: Dinosaur Diary 2021年5月1日 7931.9

Side stories and specials

# Title Year
1 猪猪侠之拼装特工队 2017年
2 GG Bond: Adventure Journey 2018年
3 GG Bond: Dinosaur Diary 2019年
4 GG Bond: Southsea Diary 2021年
5 猪猪侠之大闹皇宫 2005年
6 GG Bond: Ultimate Battle Prequel 2015年
7 GG Bond: Dodgeball Legend 2018年


  1. The first stage name is "Little Fat"
  2. The first stage name is "Tommy"


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