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Old design
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Name GG Bond (猪猪侠, Zhū zhū xiá)
Other Names Gattu (Indian dub name)
Birthday October 10
Horoscope ♎Libra
Age 8
Eye Color Brown
Moe Points Pig, martial artist
From Fairy World
Related Characters
Friends: Phoebe, S-Daddy, Super Q, Bobby
Mentor: Mr. Mihoo
Father: Barrow
Mother: Rella

GG Bond is the main character of the GG Bond franchise, created by Winsing Animation.


The character was created in 2005, and was first introduced in the series GG Bond: Magic Jurassic.

Each version of GG Bond is different; the stories don't happen in the same universe.


Magic Jurassic

GG Bond was a martial artist pig in an age where the small animals lived in harmony with nature. However, after the animals started to exploit the environment for their own benefit, he decided to make a decision: he created the Magical Wisdom Ball, and gave it to the chief, Wang Xiaoer, granting him the wisdom necessary so that he could save the environment. Due to absorbing the power of hope, GG Bond was sealed for 3000 years... but in that time, Wang Xiaoer didn't keep his promise. He used the wisdom for his own selfish desires, and to build his empire. GG Bond, who had been reborn after 3000 years, had to stop him.

Martial Arts 2008

In 2008, GG Bond was just an ordinary student, dreaming to become a martial arts master. However, while chasing a thief, he accidentally was sent to the year 1800, stranded on a small island called Olympus, a place inhabited by sports masters. This season is based on the Beijing Olympics.

Adventure in the Future

After GG Bond finally returned to the present day, Dr. Mihoo decided to study the power of the diamond that had sent GG back in time. Mihoo put the diamond into a time machine, but accidentally sent GG Bond into the year 2080. Now GG had to find a way back to his own time... again.

The Transform Angel

GG Bond was an interim angel who had the power of transformation. In order to obtain the qualification of a true angel, GG Bond had to help someone in need-- that someone was Dasha, a monster who had a kind heart, but low IQ and self-esteem.

Fairy Tales of the Brick Kingdom

Before there was GG Bond, there was his grandfather, EE Bond. When EE Bond tried to travel back in time ansd save the dinosaurs from extinction, he caused a malfunction in the space-time continuum, which sent his grandson, GG Bond, into the Brick Kingdom, a place made of building blocks. Here, GG Bond is an Assembler, someone who can arrange the building blocks into anything.

Rescue Crew Comes

Monster Hero

GG Bond was given the G-Watch, a wristwatch with the power of the five elements, by Mr. Mihoo. Of the five elements, GG Bond represented Metal, and could transform into the Iron Tiger.

Kung Fu Team

Shapeshifting Union

The Legend of Warriors

Light Guardians

Dream Guardians

Agent G

GG Bond becomes one of Dr. Mihoo's five agents and is given a pet named Woody.

Dodgeball Legend


Undersea Wonders

Kung Fu Pork Choppers

GG Bond and his friends Phoebe, Super Q, Bobby and Nana received a distress signal from planet Jiuxiao. Although thay had lost their powers, they decided to go to Jiuxiao to investigate. While there, they discovered the planet was covered in magma, and that there were floating cities in the sky. However, the floating cities were in danger of losing the Five-Spirit Power that makes them stay afloat. GG Bond and his friends started their journey to recover this power.