Sleeping Beauty (GG Bond)

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20200219 222417 289.jpg
Sleeping Beauty, as she appears in GG Bond
Name Sleeping Beauty (玫瑰公主, Méi guī gōng zhǔ)
Eye Color Orange
Hair Color Orange
Character Voicing Zu Qing (GG Bond: Monster Hero)
Wang Ping (GG Bond: Kung Fu Team)
Moe Points loli, harakuro, dissociative identity disorder
From Fairy World
Active in Fairy World
Group Affiliation Fairytale princesses
Related Characters
Brother: Prince Rose
Father: King Rose
Enemies/Friends: GG Bond, Phoebe, S-Daddy

Sleeping Beauty is a character in GG Bond.


In Season 7, she is a minor character and in Season 8, she becomes the villain. With the ability to make people sleep as soon as she sings, she was originally an innocent, kind, pure and beautiful girl, but her brother Prince Rose manipulated her mind. Later, she recovered. In GG Bond: Kung Fu Team, she obtains the Dark Lock and the ability to transform into the Dark Monster.

Character Experience

Barrow gave the magic crystal that sealed Prince Rose's soul to her, and her heart began to be controlled by the magic crystal. Sleeping Beauty became one with the prince, and the prince became a princess. Guided by her brother, she made evil deeds, releasing the monsters which GG Bond defeated time and time again, and finally summoned the Evil Dragon King again, but thanks to the efforts of GG Bond and his friends, the monster was defeated, and the Fairy World was restored to its former peace.