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Super Q.png
Name Super Q (超人强, Chāo rén qiáng)
Birthday April 1
Horoscope ♈Aries
Age 8 He doesn't look like it...
Hair Color Blond
Character Voicing Xu Jingwei (Season 5 onwards)
Zhuang Chengsong (GG Bond: Guarding)
Sun Jinhua (Seasons 2-4)
Moe Points Pig
Related Characters
Rivals: GG Bond, Phoebe, S-Daddy
Subordinate: Bobby
Father: Super Pa
Sister: Fu Rong
You rookie!
— Super Q's catchphrase

Super Q is a character in GG Bond.


He first appeared in GG Bond: Martial Arts 2008, the second season of GG Bond. He is a rival to GG Bond, and he is arrogant sometimes. In some seasons, he was one of the villains, but later he got reformed.


Martial Arts 2008

He is the second sports master GG Bond encounters in the island of Olympus.

Adventure in the Future

He is the son of Super Pa, chairman of the Super Technology Group, who has a big fortune.

The Transform Angel

He is a student at a school who is always competitive, and despises GG Bond. He and his subordinate Bobby like to bully Dasha. In this season, he rides a white BMW. (Although the brand is blurred)

Fairy Tales of the Brick Kingdom

He is a student at the Assembling School. He and GG Bond used to be friends, until one of Bobby's pranks made them turn against each other. They reconcile in the end.

Rescue Crew Comes

He is a member of the Rescue Crew, and considers himself a "pillar" of the team. He represents Health and Good Physical Condition.

Monster Hero

He was the president of the Monster Research Club, until he was replaced by GG Bond.

Kung Fu Team

When GG Bond's five-spirit power was divided, he obtained the power of Stone, and was able to transform into the Stone Bear.

Shapeshifting Union

The Legend of Warriors

Light Guardians

Dream Guardians

Agent G

He is a member of Mr. Mihoo's interstellar agent team. His assigned robot pet is a bear named Da Shan (大山).

Dodgeball Legend

He is a member of a dodgeball team who rivals GG Bond's team, the Little Tigers. In Season 3, he joins the Little Tigers as their defender.


Like the other Agents, he lost his robot pet and had to compete in a racing tournament to retrieve him.

Undersea Wonders

He is a member of the Undersea Hero team, and his sea beast is a manta ray named Firecracker.

Kung Fu Pork Choppers

He is a member of the Super Star Five-Spirit Hero team.