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Name Phoebe (菲菲, Fēifēi)
Birthday February 8
Horoscope ♒Aquarius
Age 8
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Blond
Moe Points Pig, princess
Related Characters
GG Bond, S-Daddy, Super Q, Bobby
Mentor: Mr. Mihoo

Phoebe is a character of the GG Bond franchise.



Magic Jurassic

She used to be a princess, but she was dethroned.

Martial Arts 2008

Adventure in the Future

The Transform Angel

Fairy Tales of the Brick Kingdom

Rescue Crew Comes

Monster Hero

Out of the five spirits, she obtained Fire, and is able to transform into the Fire Crane.

Kung Fu Team

Shapeshifting Union

The Legend of Warriors

Light Guardians

Dream Guardians

Agent G

She is a member of Mr. Mihoo's agent team.

Dodgeball Legend


Undersea Wonders

Kung Fu Pork Choppers