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Name Bobby (波比, Bō bǐ)
Birthday July 10
Horoscope ♋Cancer
Age 8
Hair Color Blue
Character Voicing Wang Wei (Seasons 2-4)
Xu Jingwei (Season 5 onwards)
Liu Qingyang (GG Bond: Guarding, Seasons 13 and 14)
Moe Points
Related Characters
Master: Super Q
Rivals: GG Bond, Phoebe, S-Daddy
Mentor: Mr. Mihoo

Bobby is a character in GG Bond.


Bobby is Super Q's lackey. He does whatever he says, and calls him "boss".


Martial Arts 2008

Adventure in the Future

The Transform Angel

Fairy Tales of the Brick Kingdom

He is a student of the Assembling Academy, located in the Brick Kingdom, and as such, he has the power to assemble blocks into useful gadgets or vehicles.

Rescue Crew Comes

He is a member of the Happy Rescue Crew. He represents Fortune. He is the owner of the Fortune Armor and the Fortune Airship, which were found in Episode 22.

Monster Hero

Kung Fu Team

After GG Bond's five-spirit power was divided, Bobby obtained the spirit of Wood, allowing him to transform into the Wooden Ape.

Shapeshifting Union

The Legend of Warriors

Light Guardians

Dream Guardians

Agent G

He is a member of Mr. Mihoo's interstellar agent team. His robot pet is a monkey named Xiao Shen.

Dodgeball Legend

He was in a dodgeball team with Super Q, which rivaled the Little Tigers, GG Bond's team. Later, he joins GG Bond's side. He was afraid of beetles, but he overcame this fear.


He is a member of GG Bond's racing team.

Undersea Wonders

He is a member of the Undersea Hero team. His sea beast is a shark named Steelfang.

Kung Fu Pork Choppers

He is a member of the Super Star Five-Spirit Hero team.