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Season 13
Woody GG Bond.png
Season 14
Woody Dodgeball Legend.png
Name Woody (阿五, Ā wǔ)
Height 50cm
Weight 4kg
Eye Color Green
Character Voicing Zhang Zikun
Zhu Cheng (GG Bond: Dinosaur Diary)
Chen Xueying (GG Bond: Southsea Diary)
Huang Jinghan (GG Bond: Dinosaur Diary movie)
Moe Points Pet, tiger, robot
Related Characters
Owner: GG Bond
Creator: Zhu Busi

Woody is a character in the GG Bond series. He is a robotic tiger (sometimes a real tiger) who accompanies GG Bond in his adventures.


He first appeared in Episode 1 of GG Bond: Agent G.

Agent G

He was built by Zhu Busi, GG Bond's grandfather, to be GG Bond's companion Supermon. He can turn into a robot warrior. He can combine with the Fire Crane (Linglong) and the Frozen Deer (Icy) to form the Iron Guard, or with the Flame Crane (Linglong), the Frozen Deer (Icy), Stone Bear (Da Shan), and the Wooden Ape (Xiao Shen) to form the Five Spirit Titan (requires energy spar). He is a good partner for GG Bond, although he likes to go get snacks with him.

In the last episode of the season, Woody's Supernova Core was taken away by the Star Alliance and his body became smaller. On the last episode of the third season, he returned to normal.

Dodgeball Legend

While on the street, GG Bond encountered Woody. He thought he was hungry, so he gave him his lollipop. Woody entered GG's Spirit Lock and became his exclusive Spirit. Woody was able to get out of the Spirit Lock by himself, because Woody is a legendary Spirit, and he can also communicate with each other.

GG Bond, now with Woody as his partner, regained his confidence and formally joined Mihoo's training camp.

Woody has the ability to turn into a Spirit Card, which GG Bond can insert into his Spirit Lock to activate his special dodgeball abilities.

In Episode 26, GG Bond defeated Chobelli with a powerful energy in the Cosmic Cup, and became the new Apolloson. However, after the victory in the finals, Woody exhausted his vital energy and fell into a deep sleep. Before falling asleep, Woody promised GG that as long as they still care for each other, they will meet again.

Dinosaur Diary

Southsea Diary

Dinosaur Diary movie

Kung Fu Pork Choppers

He is the GG Bond's pet companion. He can fuse with GG Bond to activate his air armor suit, or he can also transform into a beast.

As opposed with previous seasons, Woody doesn't speak.

Powers and Abilities