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S-Daddy old clueless.jpg
Name S-Daddy (小呆呆, Xiǎo dāi dāi)
Birthday February 6
Horoscope ♒Aquarius
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blond (Monster Hero onwards)
Brown (Kung Fu Pork Choppers)
Character Voicing Zu Qing
Li Taicheng (Agent G, GG Bond: Guarding)
Moe Points pig, tennen boke

S-Daddy is a character in GG Bond.


S-Daddy is one of GG Bond's friends. He is a little silly and absent-minded.


He first appeared in GG Bond: Adventure in the Future, however, he was only a minor character. It wasn't until Season 5 that he gained more importance in the story and became a main character.

Fairy Tales of the Brick Kingdom

He is a student at the Assembling Academy. He is somewhat absent-minded and ditzy.

Rescue Crew Comes

He is a member of the Rescue Crew, he represents Honor.

Monster Hero

S-Daddy is a member of the Monster Researching Society.

Kung Fu Team

After GG Bond's five-spirit power was divided, S-Daddy obtained the spirit of Water, allowing him to transform into the Frozen Deer.

Shapeshifting Union

The Legend of Warriors

Light Guardians

Dream Guardians

Agent G

S-Daddy is a member of Mr. Mihoo's interstellar agent team. His assigned robot pet is a deer named Icy.

Dodgeball Legend

He is a member of the Little Tigers, GG Bond's dodgeball team, and his coach is Mihoo. His Spirit partner is Bingbing.


He is the cook of GG Bond's racing team.

Undersea Wonders

He is a member of the Undersea Hero team. His sea beast is a turtle, named Tank.

Kung Fu Pork Choppers

S-Daddy is a kung fu master. He teaches GG Bond and the Super Star Five-Spirit Hero team kung fu, and helps them recover their powers.