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Name Aoi Kiriya (霧矢きりや あおい)
Other Names Aoi-chan
Birthday January 31
Horoscope ♒Aquarius
Blood Type A
Height 152→157cm
Weight 41.6kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blue
CV Azusa Tadokoro
Moe Points osananajimi, idol, singer, side ponytail, foodie
Active in Starlight Academy
Group Affiliation STAR☆ANIS, Soleil
Related Characters
Ichigo Hoshimiya, Ran Shibuki, Yurika Todo, Otome Arisugawa, Mizuki Kanzaki, Kaede Ichinose, Sakura Kitaoji, Raichi Hoshimiya

Aoi Kiriya is a character in the anime Aikatsu! created by Sunrise and its derived works.


Born on January 31, Aquarius, blood type A.

Debuts at the beginning of the first arcade game.

Common brand: FUTURING GIRL

Blue-haired, with a side ponytail, a cool and educated star-crossed girl who is called "Idol Expert". She is a childhood friend of Ichigo. Her catchphrase is "It's not easy at all!" (穏やかじゃない!).

In Episode 37 of the anime, she formed the idol group "Soleil" with Ichigo and Ran. On the surface, it doesn't look like it, but in fact, she can eat a lot (Episode 71).

Character details

She likes to take pictures of idols and collect idol posters and magazines.

She is a classmate of Ichigo and a close friend of hers.

She uses the pronoun "watashi" (/わたし). She is called "Idol Expert" by Ichigo's close friends, and is a cool and educated groupie girl.

The reason for her nickname is that she is well-versed in all kinds of news and information about the entertainment industry and is good at analyzing the information of idols, similar to Ichigo's brother Raichi Hoshimiya.

When she is exposed to something new and exciting, she will say "I can't calm down" and "It's not easy" (穏やかじゃない).

Because of the strict training she received when she was a child, she often won the first place in exams and has good physical ability, and she is a young girl who is proficient in various skills. She has a good physical ability and is a young girl who is good at all kinds of skills. She is good at acting. Her special skill is "forgetfulness".

Her favorite food is "sandwich", and she hates food that is too hot.

The designer of "FUTURING GIRL" called her "brand soulmate".

Season 1

In episode 01, because she was interested in "idol activities", she lured Ichigo to enroll in Starlight Academy with her. They passed the exam, and she became roommates with Ichigo.

In episode 02, she and Ichigo faced off in the audition for "Mizuki's one-day assistant" and finally won.

In episode 03, she is followed by Ichigo and finds out that Mizuki's achievements didn't come naturally, but were the result of Mizuki's hard work.

In episode 07, she participated in the "Pon-Pon Crepe Girl" audition and wanted to beat Ran, so she mistakenly believed the information from "Kirakiratter". Later, she realized that she was too obsessed and neglected Ichigo's cheers, but finally used the "FUTURING GIRL" dress card given by Naoto and felt Ichigo's cheer and finally won.

In episode 09, she received a rare selection of cards from the designer of "FUTURING GIRL", and then passed the special audition with Ichigo and Ran and won her first Knowledge, "Singing".

In Episode 14, she competed for the role of an actor in "Naughty Police Chief 3" and passed the audition with Shion Kamiya to play the role of a junior of one of the popular leads.

In Episode 15, he challenged for a special audition with Ichigo, Ran, and Otome, and finally succeeded in the challenge and received the "Appearance" Knowledge.

In Episode 21, she made a guest appearance in the audition for the movie "Stylish Thief Swallow Tail" and acted opposite Ichigo and Mizuki in the late stage of the audition, and finally received the "Acting" Knowledge.

In Episode 37, after Mizuki's group presentation, she formed a new idol group "Soleil" with Ichigo and Ran.

In Episode 39, she was told that "Soleil", "Tristar" of Mizuki Kanzaki and "Powa2×PuRiRiN" of Otome had merged to form a new idol group "STAR☆ANIS" and toured the country.

In Episode 40, she obtained her second set of selected cards.

Season 2

In Episode 51, During Ichigo's trip to America, she was invited to be the lead actress of the "Naughty Police Chief" movie and also participated in the Starlight Queen Cup. In addition, because of the rise of Dream Academy, Starlight Academy was facing a challenge, so the head of the school wanted her to represent Starlight Academy to challenge the "Constellation Appeal". However, if she fails to perform and trigger the "Constellation Appeal", the head of the school will resign from her position, so she feels a lot of pressure.

In Episode 52, after considering all kinds of things, she asked Ichigo to take her place in the Zodiac Appeal Challenge and thought that Ichigo was the most suitable candidate.

In Episode 59, she collaborated with the audition for the series "Choco-Pop Detectives" and was chosen to play a role in the series with Seira and Kii.

In Episode 71, she was commissioned by "FUTURING GIRL" to be the first person to wear the brand's original Constellation System card (Aquarius) to perform a "Zodiac Appeal", but she doubted her own ability and lacked confidence. After being reminded by Tiara, the head of Dream Academy, she realizes that she is just like "water" and is encouraged by everyone to successfully perform the "Aquarius" Zodiac Appeal.

In Episode 79, she and Kii formed a duo and decided to participate in the Partners Cup.

In Episode 90, she performed in the music video for "FUTURING GIRL".

Special Appeals

  • Cosmo Show Time (コスモショータイム)

Used in Episode 24.

  • Premium Cosmo Show Time (プレミアムコスモショータイム)

Used in Episode 40.

  • Cool Flash (クールフラッシュ)

Used in Episode 56.

  • Quick Appeal (クイックアピール)

Used in Episodes 27 and 28.

Zodiac Appeals

  • Premium Cosmo Show Time (Aquarius) ((プレミアムコスモショータイム)

Used in Episode 71.