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Léon Prunelle.gif
Name Léon Prunelle
Other Names Pruimpit (Dutch)
Demel (German)
Mossberg (Swedish)
Plommesen (Norwegian)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Moe Points Boss
From Belgium
Group Affiliation Dupuis
Related Characters
Unnamed sister

Léon Prunelle is a character in the Belgian comic book series Gaston.


Prunelle is Gaston's superior. He often gets angry when Gaston is not doing his job properly. He takes all of Gaston's nonsense seriously, and disapproves of it. Although his character may say otherwise, there are occasions when it is shown that he does care about Gaston and his wellbeing.

He is eager to sign contracts with Mr. De Mesmaeker, hoping that he can invest in the company.


Prunelle took over Fantasio's place as Gaston's superior in Issue #1721 of Spirou magazine, dated April 8, 1971. It was in this same year that André Franquin would leave Spirou & Fantasio to focus solely on Gaston.