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Gaston Lagaffe.gif
Name Gaston Lagaffe
Guust Flater (Dutch)
Gomer Goof (English)
Viggo (Danish)
Niilo (Finnish)
Tomás (Spanish)
Gaša Šeprtlja (Serbian)
Eye Color Black
Brown[note 1]
Hair Color Black
Brown[note 2]
Character Voicing Micha Lescot (French)
Evandro Moraes (Brazilian Portuguese)
Moe Points nemurigami, tennen boke, inventor, scientist, dojikko
From Belgium
Group Affiliation Spirou magazine
Related Characters
Aunt: Hortense
Friend: Jules
Cousin: Bertrand Labévue
Nephew: Gastoon
— Gaston's catchphrase

Gaston Lagaffe is a comic book character from the Belgian comic book series Gaston.


A young office worker who spends most of the time slacking off or sleeping. He is also an inventor, coming up with all sorts of weird devices. He has to face the constant nagging of his superior, Prunelle. He has many pets, including a cat, a seagull, a fish and a mouse called Cheese, all of them whom Gaston is very fond of.

One of Gaston's infamous inventions is the Gaffophone, a strange musical instrument which resembles a harp. When played, the Gaffophone produces a loud, unpleasant sound capable of breaking windows, making ceilings collapse, or even cause natural disasters such as earthquakes. Gaston describes it as having "massive vibration coupled with maximum resonance".[1]


Gaston first appeared at the offices of Spirou as a mysterious, nameless young man.[note 3] Spirou and Fantasio notice him, asking themselves what is he doing. Fantasio then begins to be suspicious of him, and it is here that Fantasio starts referring him by his name: Gaston.[2] Spirou then asks Gaston who is he and how did he get here. Gaston tells him he has been sent to the Spirou offices by an unknown person, to work on an unknown position. He then becomes an employee of the journal, unofficially starting his career of "gaffes"; his first one being spilling ink on a contest page.[note 4] Fantasio is wary of Gaston, and releases an official statement reagrding him, his situation, and the fact that he is an "unemployed hero" (a character who doesn't yet have his own comic strip seriealized on the journal).[note 5] Gaston's personality as a "gaffeur" is cemented on issue #995 of Spirou, when he plasters a photo of himself under the editorial column Le Fureteur ("the browser"), thinking the copy machine was a camera.[note 6]

Working under Prunelle

After Fantasio stepped down of his position and named Prunelle as Gaston's superior, Gaston explains to Jules that he got along well with Fantasio, he couldn't manage to get any work done with him around. At the same time, he was testing a new invention: an anti-holdup suitcase with a boxing glove, spray paint, and pyrotechnics inside. Its first victim was Millicent Molar, the cleaning lady of the office. [3]

Rivalry with Longtarin

He has a long-term rivalry with police agent Joseph Longtarin, who is known for fining him for violating street rules. He often pulled pranks on him, such as disguising no-parking signs as lollipops, or plastering Spirou advertisements on them.[3]


  • Gaston dislikes parking meters, a trait his creator shared.[4]
  • One day that Mr. Boulier was visiting the office to analyze the staff's working skills, Gaston worked so hard that Boulier wanted him to take an anti-doping test.[3]
  • Gaston once brought his aunt Hortense's cactus to the office, since there was no space left for it at her house. This caused a lot of shenanigans.[5]
  • While taking a 2500-piece puzzle that belonged to his friend Jules to the office, he unknowingly dropped some pieces along the way, and the townspeople picked them up and helped Gaston build the puzzle.[5]
  • Gaston once sung a commercial jingle for an anti-stain product.[6]
  • He seems to be allergic to the word "effort".[7]


  • In early German translations, his name was Jo-Jo.
  • Gaston indirectly advocates for the protection of animals.
  • Gaston has also advocated for the protection of the environment.[8]
  • Gaston's ideas have been a subject of analysis.[9]
  • In 2014, Google made a Google Doodle in honor of Gaston's 57th anniversary.[10]



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