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Original Name Gaston
Translation Name Guust (Dutch)
Gomer Goof (English)
Vakse Viggo (Danish)
Niilo Pielinen (Finnish)
Sergi Grapes (Catalan)
Tomás el Gafe (Spanish)
Gaša Šeprtlja (Serbian)
Region Belgium
Original run February 28, 1957-present
Written by André Franquin
Published by Dupuis
Magazine Spirou
Licensed by Mediatoon
Adapted work Films
TV series
Linked works Spirou & Fantasio

Gaston is a Belgian comic book series created by André Franquin and published by Dupuis.


The misadventures of Gaston Lagaffe, an office worker who slacks around, but often comes with outlandish ideas.


Gaston Lagaffe
Main article: Gaston Lagaffe
Léon Prunelle
An editor and Gaston's superior. He often gets angry at him. According to himself, he is "the only person that can get Gaston to work".
Mademoiselle Jeanne
One of Gaston's coworkers, an archivist at the office. It appears Gaston has feelings for her.
Yves Lebrac
One of Gaston's coworkers who is a cartoonist.
Aimé de Mesmaeker
A very important businessman. Prunelle must sign contracts with him so that he can invest in the office, but his plans are frustrated by Gaston every time.
Fantasio was Gaston's superior during the early days of his appearances in Spirou. He was replaced by Léon Prunelle.

Series works


Number Title Year
0 Gaston 1960
1 Gare aux gaffes 1966
2 Gala de gaffes 1963
3 Gaffes à gogo 1964
4 Gaffes en gros 1965
5(?) Les Gaffes d'un gars gonflé 1967
6 Des gaffes et des dégâts 1968
7 Un gaffeur sachant gaffer 1969
8 Lagaffe nous gâte 1970
9 Le Cas Lagaffe 1971
10 Le Géant de la gaffe 1972
11 Gaffes, bévues et boulettes 1973
12 Le Gang des gaffeurs 1974
13 Lagaffe mérite des baffes 1979
14 La Saga des gaffes 1982
15 Gaffe à Lagaffe ! 1996
16 Gaston 19 1999



The series was adapted into two live-action films: one in 1981 and in 2018. The first film, Fais gaffe à la gaffe!, released in 1981, did not feature Franquin's characters, since Franquin did not authorize the franchise to be adapted at that time. The second, Gaston Lagaffe, directed by Pierre-François Martin-Laval, was released in 2018.

TV series

The comic strip was adapted into a TV series produced by Marsu Productions and the studio Normaal.

Other media

  • Two smartphone games based on the series were released in 2011.[1]
  • A 4D simulation ride, Gaffe à Gaston, is located in Parc Spirou, a theme park starring the characters from Spirou magazine.[2]


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