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Spirou & Fantasio
Spirou & Fantasio.jpeg
Spirou, Fantasio, Spip and the Marsupilami
Original Name Spirou et Fantasio
Translation Name Spirou & Fantasio
Robbedoes en Kwabbernoot (Dutch)
Region Belgium
Original run 1950-present
Written by Rob-Vel (1938-1943)
Jijé (1943-1946)
André Franquin (1946-1969)
Jean-Claude Fournier (1969-1980)
Nic Broca, Raoul Cauvin (1980-1983)
Philippe Tome, Janry (1982-1998)
Jean-David Morvan, José Luis Munuera (2004-2007)
Yoann, Fabien Vehlmann (2010-2018)
Published by Dupuis
Volumes 55
Magazine Spirou
Licensed by Mediatoon
State On hiatus
Adapted work Animated series, movie
Linked works Le Petit Spirou

Spirou & Fantasio is a Belgian comic series published by Dupuis.


The series is about the adventures of the bellboy Spirou and his journalist friend Fantasio.



The series was originally published as short comic stories on the magazine Spirou.


  • Over the years, the series has been managed by many authors, making it one of the rare comic book franchises not to be owned by a single person, but to the company behind them.
  • The comics spawned two animated series, one in 1993 and the other in 2006.
  • An amusement park based on the franchise opened in 2018.[1]

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