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Name Zantafio (English, French)
Wiebeling (Dutch)
Ricke (Swedish)
Sante (Danish)
Sammi (Icelandic)
Other Names General Zantas (The Dictator and the Mushroom, Shadow of the Z)
Michel (La Mauvaise Tête)
Zanzan (Le Faiseur d'or)
Prince Tanaziof (Spirou in Moscow)
Papa Pop (Tora Torapa)
Foizanat (The Marsupilami's Rage)
Hair Color Black
Moe Points arrogance, vengefulness, corruption, immorality
Related Characters
Cousin: Fantasio
Uncle: Tanzafio

Zantafio is the main antagonist of the Belgian comic book series Spirou & Fantasio. He is the cousin of Fantasio.


Zantafio is Fantasio's dishonest, mean, and evil cousin. He resembles Fantasio, except he has slicked-back black hair and a mustache.

First introduced in the story Spirou et les héritiers ("Spirou and the Heirs"), where he and Fantasio had to go through three challenges to see who would inherit their deceased uncle's fortune. These challenges were: build an invention that would be useful to everyone, win a car race, and capture a Marsupilami. During the album, Zantafio is shown cheating his way to the top, until the end, when he reconciles with his cousin.

In The Dictator and the Mushroom, he disguises himself as General Zantas, and becomes the governor (dictator) of Palombia. He puts the country at war with the neighboring nation of Guaracha, with the goal of taking advantage of his resources. Spirou and Fantasio, along with Seccotine, stop him by using the Metomol, an invention by the Count of Champignac: a substance that can "melt" metal. With it, they render Zantas' military equipment useless. At the end of the album, Zantas escapes after having been defeated.

Zantafio is manipulative and cunning, he is almost always seen planning schemes to earn more money. Unlike Zorglub, who is more of a comedic foil, Zantafio is an all-around villain. He is capable of even putting a country at war with another just to make himself richer.