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Name Spip
Other Names Pips (German)
Pési (Icelandic)
Eye Color Black
Character Voicing Kelvine Dumour (French, 1993)
Edna Kalb (Dutch, 1993)
Moe Points squirrel
Related Characters
Owner: Spirou
Friend: Marsupilami

Spip is a character in the comic book series Spirou & Fantasio. He is Spirou's pet squirrel.


He accompanies Spirou and Fantasio on their adventures, and sometimes helps them out of some dangerous situations. He expresses his thoughts through thought bubbles, although, in early appearances he was capable of "speech". He is sometimes grumpy and makes sarcastic comments. Often, he critiques things that happen around him. Spip can be considered the tritagonist of the series.


First introduced in Issue #60 of Le Journal de Spirou, dated June 8th, 1939, where Spirou rescued him from the lab of a mad scientist, Sosthène Silly. He only appeared as a minor character, but when Jijé started authoring the series, he made him Spirou's sidekick.


  • At one point, Dupuis considered making a "Journal de Spip", a companion to the Spirou magazine, for young children, but this idea was later discarded.[citation needed]The page "Help:Citation needed" does not exist in English Moegirlpedia yet. You may want to refer to this page on Chinese Moegirlpedia: Help:来源请求. (zh:Help:来源请求)