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Name Seccotine
Other Names Sophie[note 1]
Jessica[note 2]
Ijzerlijm (Dutch)
Steffani (German)
Myg (Danish)
Sickan (Swedish)
Tiina (Finnish)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Blond
Character Voicing Kelvine Dumour (French, 1993)
Edna Kalb (Dutch, 1993)
Emanuela Pacotto (Italian, 1993)
Krystina Kozanecka (Polish, 1993)
Moe Points reporter, ponytail

Seccotine is a character in the Belgian comic book series Spirou & Fantasio.


She is one of Spirou and Fantasio's allies. She first appeared in the album The Rhinoceros' Horn.

She is a reporter like Fantasio, and is also his self-proclaimed "rival". They often argue, which leaves Spirou embarrassed. Despite this, she has helped the two in many occasions.


In The Rhinoceros' Horn, she had just been hired by Le Moustique as a new reporter. She wanted to investigate the Turbotraction affair: some criminals had attacked the Turbot manufacturing plant so they could steal the blueprints for Turbot's new vehicle. She met Spirou and Fantasio at a department store, just as Fantasio was about to forge a story for the newspaper. After meeting with her several times, he wasn't fond of her, thinking of her as a nuisance. From then on, Seccotine starts following the two in their journey, appearing in the most unlikely places, such as inside a barrel and a crate. In the end, she secretly took photos of Spirou and Fantasio's new car with her compact mirror, the Turbot-Rhino, and Fantasio angrily chased her around asking her to delete them.

In The Dictator and the Mushroom, she investigates General Zantas, the dictator of Palombia, after finding out Spirou and Fantasio joined his army. Actually, they want to make use of the Metomol, an invention by the Count of Champignac, so that they can reduce Zantas' armies. Seccotine piloted the airplane which carried the Metomol to defeat them.


  • She is named after a brand of glue: Seccotine is a glue used for binding. The name fits her, because she "glues" to Spirou and Fantasio most of the time, acting in a very clingy manner.



  1. Real name, revealed in the album Machine qui rêve
  2. Name in the 1993 TV series