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Name Fantasio
Other Names Kwabbernoot (Dutch)
Kvik (Danish)
Fantazjo/Fantazjusz (Polish)
Nicke (Swedish)
Kvikk (Norwegian)
Valur (Icelandic)
Phan Tân (Vietnamese)[note 1]
Age Unknown
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Blond
Character Voicing Teddy Lee Dillon (English)
Patrick Guillemin (French)
Wiebe-Pier Cnossen (Dutch)
Dick Eriksson (Swedish)
Moe Points Reporter, adventurer, superhero, freckles, boss
From Belgium
Active in Worldwide
Related Characters
Partner: Spirou
Cousin: Zantafio
Rival: Seccotine

Fantasio is a main character in the Belgian comic strip Spirou & Fantasio, published by Dupuis.


Fantasio was originally created in 1939 by Jean Doisy as a faceless character in the Journal de Spirou, he was a journalist for the section "Voyez-vous les erreurs?" ("Do you see the flaws?").

In the 1942 puppet show Le petit théatre de Spirou, he had a different design, having blond hair on one side and black hair on the other. He was then molded into his definitive appearance by Jijé, in 1944, as a recurring character in Spirou's strips. He quickly became the deuteragonist of the comic, serving as a comic relief to contrast Spirou's seriousness.

Fantasio was also a recurring character in Gaston, in which he served as the boss of Gaston Lagaffe. However, he left the strip to accompany Spirou in his adventures, passing the torch of that role to another character, Léon Prunelle.[note 2]


Fantasio was formerly a reporter for the fictional Moustic newspaper, now he is the editor-in-chief of the Journal de Spirou, the magazine in which his and Spirou's adventures are published. He is easily irritable, as shown and during his appearance in Gaston Lagaffe, whenever Gaston does one of his "gaffes" (disasters caused by his clumsiness). Despite this, he also has an "eccentric" side to him, to contrast with Spirou's "grounded" personality.


In Spirou and the Heirs, he and his cousin Zantafio had to participate in three challenges to see who would keep their uncle's fortune: create an original invention, win a race, and capture a Marsupilami.

In The Marsupilami Thieves, he and Spirou returned to Palombia to free the Marsupilami that Fantasio caught.

In The Rhinoceros' Horn, Fantasio, after having a story denied for the Mosquito newspaper, he invites Spirou to simulate a robbery at a department store so that he can have a story for the journal. There, they find Behring, locked inside a close, who tells them about the blueprints for a new vehicle from the company Turbot. which were hidden inside a rhinoceros' horn.

In The Dictator and the Mushroom, he, Spirou and the Marsupilami traveled to Palombia, which was under the tyrannical rule of General Zantas, who wanted to start a war with the neighboring Republic of Guaracha. The general made Spirou and Fantasio members of his army, and they used this opportunity to use the Metomol, one of the Count of Champignac's infentions, to neutralize Zantas' army and military equipment.

In Running Scared, he and Spirou went on an expedition to Touboutt-Chan to investigate the fate of Adrien Maginot and Gunther Sigfried, two explorers who went on an expedition to find a lost region in that country, the Valley of the Exiles, in 1938. But their lectures on the subject scare the audience away, leaving them with no money. Along with Spirou, he had to fund a way to scare the patients of Dr. Placebo, who wanted to prove his theory that fear could cure hiccups.

In Valley of the Exiles, after being bit by the Furax Volans mosquito and being infected by the "hostiliase furiasis" illness, he became extremely aggressive and enraged, with no capacity for reasoning, and attacked Spirou while at the same time discharging all his rage toward him: while Spirou always got all the credit, he was only reduced to a supporting role. He later returned to his senses.[note 3]

In Spirou in Moscow, he and Spirou were enlisted to the KGB in Russia to fight Prince Tanaziof, who was catually Zantafio in disguise.

In Tough Luck Vito, Fantasio found himself depressed after their trip to New York, because of a Polynesian girl they had just met.


  • Fantasio once pranked Spirou, and Spirou pranked him back.[citation needed]
  • Fantasio trained Spirou for a boxing match.[note 4]
  • He became a superhero to rival SuperGroom, named Fantastik.[note 5]


  • During the first years of Spirou & Fantasio's run in Germany, the character was renamed Ferdinand,[note 6] then Pit,[note 7] until he reverted to his original name.
  • Fantasio took on various jobs before settling as a reporter.[citation needed]


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