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Name Marsupilami
Other Names Spirillen (Danish)
Spiralis (Norwegian)
Gormdýrin (Icelandic)
Eye Color Black
Character Voicing Bruno Buidin (French, 2000)
Thierry Ragueneau (French, 2003)
Marc Saez (French, 2009-present)
Moe Points pet
From Palombia
Related Characters
Wife: Female Marsupilami
Children: Bibi, Bobo, and Bibu
Enemy: Bring M. Backalive
Houba houba hop!
— Marsupilami

The Marsupilami (scientific name: Marsupilamus fantasii) is a fictional animal species first appearing in the comic book series Spirou & Fantasio, and later in its own spin-off series. It was created by André Franquin.


The Marsupilami is a wild animal similar to a monkey, but with a leopard spot pattern, long ears, a big black nose, and a long, prehensile tail. They live primarily in the jungles of Palombia. Marsupilamis are yellow with black spots, but there are also those whose fur is entirely black or entirely yellow. A Marsupilami can use its long tail as a spring to boost itself, or as a rope to climb up high places. It can also change its tail into different shapes (such as a fist to stun enemies). They are oviparous animals.

The Marsupilami is an omnivore, it eats mostly fruit, but also piranhas (which it can fish by using its tail) and insects.

The Marsupilami's home is a nest in the trees, made from a round carcass shaped like a clam, which is held by lianas.


The species first appeared in the Spirou & Fantasio album Spirou and the Heirs, where Fantasio and his cousin Zantafio had to capture one in the Palombian jungle, as the last of the three challenges their deceased uncle, Tanzafio, gave them, to inherit his fortune.

In The Marsupilami Thieves, Spirou and Fantasio return to Palombia, where they see that the Marsupilami they had found (in Spirou and the Heirs) is inside a cage in the zoo. Spirou feels sorry for him, and is determined to free him and return him home to the jungle. This Marsupilami returns in later adventures. He gets along well with Spip, Spirou's pet squirrel.

In The Marsupilamis' Nest, Seccotine discovers a Marsupilami forming a family while filming a documentary in the Palombian jungle. These are the main characters of the spin-off series. It is implied that the male Marsupilami of the family is the brother of the Marsupilami living with Spirou and Fantasio.[1]


  • His name is a combination of marsupial, Pilou-Pilou (the French name of Eugene the Jeep, a character from Popeye, which Franquin was fond of), and ami ("friend" in the French language).