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This template can generate half-width or full-width spaces. For ease of use, {{Repeat}} also redirects to this template.

Example usage

  • {{Space}}: Generates 1 half-width space
  • {{Space|5}}: Generates 5 half-width spaces
  • {{Space|-1}}: Generates 1 full-width space
  • {{Space|-2}}: Generates 2 full-width space (can be used to indent the first line)

Extend usage

This template can also be used to generate repeated texts, such as:

  • {{Space|3|S}}: Generates 3 letter "S"-es
    Output: SSS
  • {{Space|5|☺}}: Generates 5 smiling faces
    Output: ☺☺☺☺☺
  • {{Space|2|[[File:Yes check.svg|18px]]}}: Repeats the image twice
    Output: Yes check.svgYes check.svg

The redirected template is also available, such as:

  • {{Repeat|2|Enough}}: Repeats "Enough" twice
    Output: EnoughEnough

Preset information

This template can also use the char parameter to call the preset information, that is, the characters that are difficult to type by conventional means are realized through the preset escape code.

The currently supported characters are:

Default code Characters Instructions
Black block {{Space|char=blackblock}}
Male/Philosophy {{Space|char=male}}
Female {{Space|char=female}}
Smiling face {{Space|char=smiley}}
Sad face {{Space|char=sad}}
Sun {{Space|char=sun}}}
Star {{Space|char=star}}
Blank star {{Space|char=blank—_star}}
Right triangle {{Space|char=rtriangle}}
Blank right triangle {{Space|char=blank_rtriangle}}
Left triangle {{Space|char=ltriangle}}
Blank left triangle   {{Space|char=blank_ltriangle}}
Heart {{Space|char=heart}}
Diamond {{Space|char=diamond}}
Spade {{Space|char=spade}}
Clover/euchre {{Space|char=clover}}
Blank heart {{Space|char=blank_heart}}
Blank diamond {{Space|char=blank_diamond}}
Blank spade {{Space|char=blank_spade}}
Blank clover/Blank euchre {{Space|char=blank_clover}}
Yes/Check {{Space|char=tick}}
No/X {{Space|char=x}}
Checkbox {{Space|char=checkbox}}
Musical note/Eighth note {{Space|char=eighthnote}}
Quarter note {{Space|char=quarternote}}
Eighth note with beam {{Space|char=beam_eighthnote}}
Sixteenth note with beam {{Space|char=beam_sixteenthnote}}
Yinyang {{Space|char=yinyang}}
Airplane {{Space|char=airplane}}
Radioactive/Corrosive/Danger {{Space|char=radioactive}}
Chemical {{Space|char=chemical}}
Skull/Poison   {{Space|char=skull}}