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Name Black Bomberman
Other Names Black Bomber
Kurobon (黒ボン)
Cool Black
CV Shunsuke Takeuchi
Moe Points robot
From Planet Bomber
Related Characters
Bomberman, Bomberman Brothers

Black Bomberman, also called Black Bomber or Kurobon (Japanese: 黒ボン) is a character in the Bomberman series created by Hudson Soft and published by Konami.


Formerly a villain and a foil to Bomberman, now his biggest rival.

He was created by Dr. Mitsumori as a copy of Bomberman after watching him in action, however, there was an error in his programming that made him turn evil. He kidnapped Mitsumori's daughter Lisa, trapping her in a castle, but Bomberman saved her. Later, in Bomberman 2, released for the NES, Black Bomberman starts committing crimes, framing White Bomberman for it. In Bomberman '93, he stole seven computer chips from the mother computer of the Pan-Galactic Federal Police, and gave them to his accomplices. Bomberman, after receiving the distress message from the organization, had to find the seven chips scattered all across the planetary system.

In Super Bomberman, Black temporarily teamed up with White to defeat Carat Diamond and Dr. Mook. From this game onward, Black became an ally to White, helping defeat threats such as the Dastardly Bombers and the Bomber Kings.

Black also appeared in the Bomberman Land series. In the first game of the series, Black, along with Bomberman and their friends, receive an invitation to enter Bomberman Land, an amusement park.

In Super Bomberman R and Super Bomberman R 2, Black is one of the eight Bomberman Brothers.