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Si Xi Wan Zi
Sixiwanzi temp.jpg
Name Si Xi Wan Zi (四禧xi丸子)
Platform Bilibili Logo Blue.svg
Established December 31, 2021
Bekki, Lian, Yoyi, Queenie

Si Xi Wan Zi is a Chinese independent VTuber group.


Hello customers, we are the virtual idol girl group Si Xi Wan Zi! We are from the century-old restaurant, Xiyou House!
We four girls with idol dreams decided to run this dim sum restaurant in our own way!


Bekki (恬豆) - Shopkeeper and chief pastry chef at Xiyou House.

  • The team pet, who solves problems with her cuteness and energy. Long reflex arc, never in a hurry to do things. A virtuous and capable little cook.
  • Birthday/zodiac sign: June 14, Gemini
  • Specialty: Cooking, singing

Lian (梨安) - The poster girl of the Xiyou House.

  • Sexy on the outside and delicate on the inside, with clear goals and beliefs. Always working quietly and seriously where others can't see, but a big confused person in life.
  • Birthday/zodiac sign: December 3, Sagittarius
  • Specialty: Dancing, ping-pong

Queenie (沐霂) - The Xiyou House's Boss and leader.

  • A calm and collected leader who is the head of the group. Has an opinion and is sometimes called a tsundere by others.
  • Birthday/zodiac sign: October 17, Libra
  • Specialty: Dancing

Yoyi (又一) - The stage manager of Xiyou House.

  • A quirky imp who loves to spit, but all sorts of actions are often spit out by others as well. Always immersed in her own world.
  • Birthday/zodiac sign: January 28, Aquarius
  • Specialty: Singing


December 31They established their Bilibili account.
January 1Officially announced their debut[1] and released a preview video (later deleted due to plagiarism controversy[2])
January 8They made an appearance on the Bilibili Live Star (BLS) concert.[3]
January 15They officially released their self-introduction video.[4]
January 16The group officially made its debut.[5][6]
March 14Changed to 2D live radio broadcast (in response for pandemic control).[7]
March 27Guested in the event "冰火春日宴" (2D to 3D, later switched back to 2D broadcasts).[8]
June 16Released their second original song; "浅梦"


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