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This Daikazoku template includes Virtual YouTubers, virtual Bilibili UP hosts (VUPs), and virtual UP hosts from other platforms.

The characters in the template are only recorded in the current state (do not mark the character history; remove the characters who have left the agency/project/group);

Agencies/projects/groups in the template are only recorded in the current state, and only the link at the top of the secondary template will be retained after dissolution and termination.

Italics indicate that the VTuber is no longer active, the group is on hiatus/has disbanded, or the project has been terminated.

Click the "[+]" in the upper right corner of the group to go to the group's member template.

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Sorting by category

The categorization of the platform to which the virtual UP host belongs to is based on the main uploading platform or the default live broadcast platform of their first video.

Virtual YouTubers

Collection and categorization

Japanese Virtual YouTubers
  1. Includes Japanese VTuber agencies and groups with high overall popularity, including VTubers with more than 80,000 subscribers;
  2. Includes VTubers that are based in Japan, and have more than 20,000 subscribers.
  3. Unofficial groups of up to 4 people can be included in the "Independent" category
    A project with an existing navigation template, but has less than 4 articles, can temporarily be included in the "Independent" category
Other agencies/projects/groups
This section is a temporary category for groups that should be created but do not yet have a navigation template.
Please delete the content here after establishing the navigation template of the corresponding group.
Overseas Virtual YouTubers


By default, they are sorted in descending order of subscribers. Userlocal data shall prevail for deleted channels, and channels with the highest subscriptions for groups shall prevail.

Virtual UP Hosts (VUP)

  1. By default, it is arranged according to English alphabet order (A-Z);
  2. Includes VUPs with more than 4,000 followers on bilibili, or with high-quality articles;
  3. "Reincarnation Potential Virtual UP Hosts" must meet the following criteria:
  • Acknowledging the existence of one's own avatar (the most obvious sign is the introduction video/livestream/animation);
  • Usage purpose (as an extension/substitute image of your own for UP main activity);
  • Frequency of use (more than half of the duration/number of times).
  1. By default, they are arranged according to English alphabet order (A-Z);
  2. Includes VUPs that have an article and have more than 4000 bilibili followers or have no article but have more than 8000 bilibili followers;
  3. Cannot be included if no member of the group has an article.


This template can be used by adding {{VTubers}} below the article, and the subcategories are collapsed by default.

  • The template can be fully collapsed or uncollapsed with {{VTubers|uncollapsed}}, {{VTubers|collapsed}}.
  • The corresponding major categories can be expanded separately using {{VTubers|YT}}{{VTubers|B}}, or {{VTubers|O}}.
  • The corresponding minor categories can be expanded separately. {{VTubers|YT Japan}}, {{VTubers|YT Others}} or {{VTubers|YT Overseas}}.