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Name 天野ピカミィ
Amano Pikamee
Other Names Pikamee, Pika
Birthday July 13
Horoscope ♋Cancer
Height 135cm
Eye Color Teal
Hair Color Blond, inner color teal
Moe Points short hair, saw teeth, genki, otaku, mixed race, hikikomori
Group Affiliation VOMS Project
Related Characters
VOMS Project: Hikasa Tomoshika, Jitomi Monoe
Mommy Bird: GYARI

Amano Pikamee (天野ピカミィ) is a VTuber under VOMS Project created by GYARI.


Character design

A talking monster of the "lightning" or electric type. No word at all on why she is in the form of a cute girl.

Her character design and background makes it hard not to think of another "Pika"

If her antenna is removed, she will lose her unique characteristics and die[1]. But, she used a fan art of her without the antenna for the cover of one of her streams... rest in peace, Pikamee.[2]

Pikamee's favorite things are games and donuts. She said that if she "had donuts before important events like interviews, things will go well magically"; her summary is that "donuts are the soul food of Pika!"[3]


Pikamee loves to laugh; her ubiquitous laughter is a staple of her streams. Rumor says that she is no monster, simply a tea kettle that came to life.

Perhaps because she is active mostly on the international platform that is YouTube, Pikamee not only includes both Japanese and English descriptions in her streams, but also often uses both Japanese and English in streams. Rather unique among Japanese VTubers, Pikamee speaks great English with fluent speech and perfect pronunciation – she is one of the few Japanese VTubers that does regular English-only streams. She had confirmed in a stream that she was the child of virtual-Japanese Mama and virtual-American Papa and had spent time in virtual-Texas[4]; curiously, although she learned English as her first language, she forgot most of it when she moved to Japan, started elementary school there, and learned Japanese; she ended up relearning English later in life.[citation needed]


Pikamee's name was given by GYARI, meaning roughly "Thunder in the sky"; "Amano Pikamee" is a homophone of "天のピカミィ" (ama no pikamii), and "pikamii" is an onomatopoeia of the sound of thunder. [5]

Hashtag and Fan name

Her video and Twitter hashtag is "#PikaTube", which sounds a lot like "Pikachu" in both Japanese and (British) English; when introducing this Hashtag, Pika gleefully played along with the audiences the Nintendo neta[6]. Her fan art tag is "#pikart", and her question tag is "#pikask".

In the first "Pika's friends★" chat stream, her fandom name was announced as "Pikarmy"[7].


Before Debut

Main article: VOMS Project

Pikamee was the first VTuber in GYARI's VTuber project whose design was made public (she was announced at the same time as the project on September 6, 2019)[8], In a sense, she is the kanban musume of the VOMS Project in the artist recruitment stage.

GYARI launched a live broadcast on September 16 to introduce the project and Pikamee's prototype[9][Needs Confirmation], and started recruiting artists, and they received the resume of active VTuber Baken on the same day[10]. Recruitment ends on October 16th[11], and they got hundreds of resumes[12][Needs Confirmation].

On February 13, 2020, GYARI broadcasted another live report on the latest developments of the project[13]. In hundreds of resumes, GYARI chose three of them, and named the project as "VOX Monsters Project", "VOMS Project" for short[Needs Confirmation]. In Tokyo time, that night, GYARI released the names of the three VTubers and their official design pictures[14],Amano Pikamee was the first among the three.

On March 14, GYARI announced the first live broadcast time of the three members of VOMS Project: 5 days later, March 19[15]. Same as the numbering sequence of the previous designs, Amano Pikamee will first start live broadcast at 8 p.m. Tokyo time.

First Live

  • The pre-broadcast countdown and video produced by GYARI is very cool. GYARI also seems to have written a new pure music for the countdown video.
  • The clip ends with "aiming for the 'apex light' of the VTuber world"...... and then immediately starts playing Jug Man. So this is the "apex", ah......
    • Laughing, eye-rolling, and table-banging, it was a somewhat chaotic six minutes.
    • About nine minutes into the broadcast, i.e., after the pot man completely failed interrupted the broadcast, and then re-"met for the first time" and claimed to be "slightly late by nine minutes". Suddenly, he behaved well, but refused to acknowledge the existence of the first nine minutes.
  • She revealed her NEETessence : he said he was "out of breath" after talking and laughing continuously, she revealed that she had "muscles like a 70 year old man", and she suddenly changed when asked "How did Kamee make friends" in the question box ......
  • Set a goal to reach 100,000 followers in 2020.
  • "The first marshmallow of my live career that I must commemorate" (audience question) is Louise stereotype text......[16]
    • Then reads it in a switch between "quick stick reading" and "forced real change of breath" (she's tired).
    • replies: "So tired," "This is longer than a receipt," "Why the heavenly realm? Is Pika deceased?"
    • Premier may do English-based lives in the future. (Flag recalled in April 2020[17]).

Live content

Pikamee maintains a relatively frequent update cycle and has been on the air almost full time since her debut. Occasionally there are two live streams a day. Pikamee's streams are currently all about games and miscellany: every two to three days on weekdays there is a regular show called "Pikatomo★". (Japanese: ピカとも★), which are 30 minutes of live miscellaneous talk. The remaining live streams are mainly longer game streams. Specifically, Pika plans to broadcast live in English once a week on Sundays starting April 12, 2020.[18].


  • On March 26th and 29th, She held her first joint live stream with Baken, and played A Way Out together.
  • On April 10th, she held a joint stream with Hikasa and Monoe; and played Human Falls Flat.
  • On April 16th and 17th; she held a joint stream with Hana Macchia of Nijisanji ID.
  • On April 21, Pikamee's YouTube channel achieved monetization.[19]

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