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by Tony
Name Amico (あみこ)
Birthday March 5
Horoscope ♓Pisces
Age 16
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blond
Moe Points magical girl
Group Affiliation AmiAmi
Related Characters
Riruco (りるこ)

Amico (Japanese: あみこ) is the kanban musume of the Japanese shopping website AmiAmi. She opened her Twitter account on January 29, 2019, and started her activities as a VTuber.


Amico is the kanban musume of the Japanese shopping website AmiAmi.

  • The setting is a magical girl kanban musume.
  • The magical girl costume was designed by Keiji Yamamoto. Modeled after an AmiAmi store clerk's apron and name tag, and adding a fluttering idol skirt. The wand in her hand has the meaning of "Ami" (net).
  • She has two sisters (they are both kanban musume).
  • Her character design is a test.


  • On January 29, 2019, she started her activities.
  • She attended WF on February 10, 2019.