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Overidea logo black.png
Emblem of Overidea Acadamy

Overida, stylized as oveRidea in logo (Japanese: オーバーライディア; abbreviated as OR), formerly known as Kikai Project (Japanese: キカイプロジェクト), is a mixed media artist group founded and directed by KyoukaThis page does not exist in English Moegirlpedia yet. You may want to refer to this page on Chinese Moegirlpedia: 京华. (zh:京华).


Overidea logo
Kikai Project logo

Overidea is an international mixed media project based on the universal worldview OR Universe which was written by the founder Kyouka. In 2013, Kyouka founded the media mix group Kikai Project and started publishing the novel Kikai Jikake no Akuma(機械じかけの悪魔, lit. Devil in Mechanical Device) on Japanese novel publishing site Shōsetsuka ni Narō since 2014. From 2014 to 2018, Kikai Project published music videos expressing the stories of characters of the novel using VOCALOID. On January 2018, Kikai Project renamed Overidea, introduced the OR Universe and started publishing the new OR-Universe-based novel Soshite Kikai to Mahou Kara (そして機械と魔法から。, lit. After the Machinery and Magic) on pixiv FANBOX. From 25 June 2018 to 14 December 2019, Cierra Runis, originally a character of Kikai Jikake no Akuma, was introduced as the official poster girl of Overidea and started Virtual YouTuber activities. In February 2019, Mia Runis was introduced as Cierra's sister.

Overidea's video works are posted on YouTube, Niconico and Bilibili, attracting fans from various countries and regions, especially China. The official Bilibili account of Overidea has more than 200k fans, while 22k subscribers for YouTube channel. Overidea uses at least English, Japanese and Chinese Mandarin in daily activities, and all of the Virtual YouTubers including Cierra Runis, Mia Runis, and Kyouka speak those three languages fluently.


Headmistress: Kyouka


  • Library Room

Story & Direction: Kyouka

  • Broadcasting Room

Virtual YouTuber: Cierra Runis, Mia Runis, Kyouka

  • Art Room

Illustration & Movie: しば, 巻子, りゅっち, Y_Y, 葉桜ちこり

  • Music Room

Music: Composer: 古野カシラ, わたお; Mixing: 毛布; Lyrics: 牛肉; Tuning: 神無月P


  • Class Cierra

Monitor: Cierra Runis

  • Class Mia

Monitor: Mia Runis



Cierra Runis, Mia Runis and Kyouka, the virtual YouTubers of Overidea



  • A Glass Iris(硝子色のアイリス)
  • The Dawn(暁天)
  • Rain Drop Tear Drop(哀惜のデフレイア)
  • Canary's Sky(カナリアの空)
  • Port Street(港通り)

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