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When magic meets science, the story shall begin...
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Last Order01.jpg
Fanart of Last Order by Kouji (こうじ)
Name Last Order (打ち止めラストオーダー)
Other Names Misaka #20001, Misaka Misaka
Blood Type AB
Age Looks 10 years old
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Character Voicing Rina Hidaka (Japanese)
Brittney Karbowski (English)
Moe Points clone, short hair, little sister, ahoge, loli, blush, one-piece suit, lab coat
From Academy City
Group Affiliation Misaka Network
Related Characters
Accelerator, Mikoto Misaka, Touma Kamijou, Misaka Sisters
「ずっと一緒にいたいよ」って、御坂は御坂をお願いしてみる!"I want to be together with you forever", says Misaka as Misaka pleads!
— Last Order, to Accelerator

Last Order is a character from the light novel A Certain Magical Index and the manga A Certain Scientific Accelerator.


Last Order, #20001, is a clone of Mikoto Misaka who was created with the same DNA as the Misaka Sisters in the "Level 6 Shift Project". In the plot, she is an individual who is different from the others in terms of age and biological ability, and she is the manager of the Misaka Network who uses different control and orders from her "Sisters". After being rescued by Accelerator, she tagged along with him.

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Debuts in the fifth chapter of the novel. She has the highest status among the Sisters and is the manager of the Misaka Network. Her serial number is 20001. Her appearance is that of a girl of about 10 years old. She was made to prevent the Sisters"from rebelling and losing control. However, she does not have much prestige in front of the other sisters, for example, after grabbing the goggles of 10032, 10032 grabbed the assault rifle from her school bag.

Unprepared for the impending disaster, She always relies on Accelerator for protection.

Last Order's most prominent feature is the ahoge on top of her head.

Evidence of Mikoto having ahoge as a child
She looks like Last Order, doesn't she?


Last Order's personality profile shows that when she escapes, she subconsciously avoids the person while dressed as a researcher in a white lab coat, and in a school city where there is surveillance everywhere, she has the survival instinct to completely avoid being tracked. She is also a copy of Misaka, and her ability is "Radio Noise". (However, it is mentioned in the thirteenth chapter of the novel to be identified as Level 3.) Unlike her sisters, she is very expressive and has a set personality. She often ends her sentences with "...says Misaka, as Misaka xxx" (って、御坂は御坂xxxみたり). In her first appearance, she was wrapped only in a dirty blue towel, but currently, she wears a blue dress with white dots along with a lab coat.

She was not supposed to leave the incubator because his body had not yet been adjusted, but he escaped from the incubator "out of instinct" in order to prevent Yoshio Amani from writing the characteristics of the virus, and she was wandering around Academy City for a week when she met Accelerator. The virus was implanted before escaping, and once the virus is activated, the "last order" is issued through the Misaka Network, ordering the "sisters" around the world to attack humans indiscriminately and then "control their hearts to stop beating", which was finally stopped by Accelerator. However, Accelerator was also hit in the brain by a bullet and therefore lost his processing abilities, but Heaven Canceller was able to access the Misaka Network for him and restore 48% of his ability.

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