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Name 泡浮あわつき 万彬まあや
(Awatsuki Maaya)
Age 13
Height 162cm
Weight 45kg
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Black
BWH B:85 W:55 H:79
Character Voicing Yoshino Nanjō (Japanese)
Tia Ballard (English)
Moe Points
From Japan
Active in Academy City
Group Affiliation Tokiwadai Middle School
Related Characters
Friends: Mitsuko Kongō,Kinuho Wannai
Admire: Mikoto Misaka

Maaya Awatsuki is a character in the light novel A Certain Magical Index and the manga A Certain Scientific Railgun.

Basic Information

She is a one grader of Tokiwadai Middle School, classmate of Kuroko Shirai and Kinuho Wannai. A member of swimming club, the same as Kinuho. She is a Level 3, her ability is Floatdial, which is a kind of ability that could decrease the buoyancy of the person oneself and person around one.