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Name 上条かみじょう 当麻とうま
(Kamijō Tōma)
Other Names Imagine Breaker
Horoscope Aquarius
Age 16
Height 168cm
Eye Color Black, Blue (sometimes)
Hair Color Black
Character Voicing Atsushi Abe (Japenese)
Micah Solusod (English)
Moe Points
From Kanagawa Prefecture
Active in Japan-Academy City
Group Affiliation Academy City, Kamijō Faction
Related Characters
Father: Tōya Kamijō; Mother: Shiina Kamijō
Cousin: Otohime Tatsugami
Understander: Othinus
Cultivator: Aleister Crowley
Adorers: Mikoto Misaka, Index Librorum Prohibitorum, Misaki Shokuhou, Seria Kumokawa, Ayu Mitsuari
Protagonists: Accelerator, Shiage Hamazura
Opposite: Kakeru Kamisato
Friends: Motoharu Tsuchimikado, Aogami Pierce

Tōma Kamijō (Japanese: 上条かみじょう 当麻とうま) is one of the protagonists in the novel A Certain Magical Index written by Kazuma Kamachi.