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This page, "Moegirlpedia:Ignore the rules", is a Moegirlpedia essay, not a policy.
  • This page is a narrative document to give advice, not a policy or guideline of Moegirlpedia;
  • It contains the advice of one or more Moegirlpedia contributors.

On the premise of not violating the guidelines of Moegirlpedia, Moegirlpedia encourages all editors to be creative and brave to edit, move and modify articles. Although Moegirlpedia strives for excellence, Moegirlpedia does not require every editor to be perfect, so please don't worry about making mistakes in editing articles-all changes to the articles will be recorded, so editors don't have to worry about Moegirlpedia being irreparably damaged due to personal mistakes.

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