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‘’’The ultimate goal and ideal of the ETO is to lose everything. Everything that now belongs to the human race, including us.’’’ Ye Wenjie: Me to blame?

Sung by Duo Qian
Lyrics by lnine Xiao Jiu
Composed by Alan Cheung (Piano Cry)

负隅 is a character song of Wang Miao from the animation Mine Threebody Animation adapted from the science fiction novel The Three-Body Problem. It is sung by Duo Qian.


负隅 is a Chiese cover song sung by Duo Qian. The original song is Piano Cry sung by Linda Chung, theme song of A Time Of Love-Korea.

Unlike the other ‘’Mine Threebody Problem’’ songs, this song was only uploaded to QQ Music by Duo Qian on August 20, 2017, to 5sing on August 22, 2017. This has caused many people to be unaware that Wang Miao has a character song of her own. Perhaps it was influenced by Wang Miao's Akkarin properties.

Wang Miao: At least I am the nominal protagonist of the first part of The Three-Body Problem, is it so disgraceful?


QQ Music 5sing

Derivative work

Yuncheng Zhi Jun uploaded in bilibili's self-produced version (clip animation as PV)
Wide ModeShow


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Destined to meet eyes for a moment to fall into this puzzle
Existence fades away, not daring to face up to a deadly game of survival
倒计时闪烁于天地 深埋在心底
The countdown flashes in heaven and earth, buried deep in the heart
Trembling brings the camera closer
宇宙奥秘 怎容无知孩童触碰禁忌
How can an ignorant child touch the mysteries of the universe?

Will a hundred rounds of civilization find the place of peace
A star streaks through the ages for three days and burns in the sky
或许真正目的只是 转身逃离
Maybe the real purpose is just to turn around and escape
And finally the day of departure
一乍惊雷 却发现这正是噩梦之际
At the first thunderclap, it turns out to be a nightmare.

无能为力吧 却唯能解释
There's nothing I can do, but I can only explain
I can't refuse to be slaughtered.
I was on the throne and revealed the truth
Sighing that the Creator is not merciful
悲世态炎凉 叹人心惶惶
Sorrowing for the world, sighing at the fear of the people
Hoping for a big dream
Whose last hope was shattered by the flashing of a character
一息尚存的挣扎 可笑荒唐
The struggle for survival is ridiculous and absurd

The canal crossed by the kite of life plays an elegy with no return date
The bloodstains under the sun are like haze, and the broken walls are still narrowly visible.
只用逃避又能怎样 解决现实
What can we do if we just run away from reality?
Since we are determined to choose
顽抗负隅 便注定忍受常人未有苦事
To resist, we are destined to endure things that no ordinary person can.

或许最无知 或许最真实
Perhaps the most ignorant, perhaps the most real
Sighing that no one will accompany me to the end
Laughing at the innocent child under the infinite starry sky
When will the next countdown take place?
忏悔的时日 天地正如此
The day of repentance is the same as the earth and the sky
Or is the truth heavy and unexplained
I can only say to myself that this is the way it is
And who deliberately avoids blinking?

可悲的虫豸 可泣的坚执
The sad worm, the weeping persistence
For a life of dignity that cannot be lost
No matter how many gorges seem to be impossible
I should fight like a warrior
赏一世悲欢 纵百年凄凉
Enjoy a lifetime of sorrow and joy, even if a hundred years of desolation
Fade away into the sea of people
Let others judge the merits and demerits of life and death
既已拥一刹闪亮 便不惧淡忘
Since we have a moment of shine, we will not be afraid of fading into oblivion

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