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‘’’The ultimate goal and ideal of the ETO is to lose everything. Everything that now belongs to the human race, including us.’’’ Ye Wenjie: Me to blame?
Name 汪淼
Wang Miao
Eye Color black
Hair Color black
Character Voicing DK (Mine Threebody Animation)
Ketsu (radio drama)
Peng Yao (audio book)
Moe Points glasses, Akkarin, gullible
Active in China, THREE BODY Game, places near Panama Canal, etc.
Status good death
Related Characters
Friends: Shi Qiang, Ye Wenjie, Ding Yi
Wife: Li Yao
Son: Dou Dou
Enemy: Sophon

Wang Miao is a character in the science-fiction The Three-Body Problem written by Liu Cixin and the derivative works.

He is the main character in The Three-Body Problem, having a rich applied physics background. He is the head of the Nanotechnology Research Center and invents "Flying Blade", and his results are used in Operation Guzheng, space elevator and Staircase Program which sends Yun Tianming’s brainbrain takeaway to space.


Wang Miao accepts the Battle Command Center’s request to investigate the Frontiers of Science behind-the-scenes truth behind the suicides of numerous scientists. At that time, he is acquainted with Captain Shi Qiang. He is troubled by the ghostly countdown, which he later knows is because of Sophon’s interference on the retina. When he is asking for help from the female scientist Shen Yufei, he meets the game THREE BODY develops by ETO, and he becomes a teenager who has internet addiction disorder. After experiencing a set of things and with Shi Qian’s help, he finds out the truth of Trisolaris and the conspiracy of ETO members.

Wang Miao gives the key intelligence about the Redemptionists group of ETO’s meeting chemical planet to Shi Qiang, leading many members of the Redemptionists including ETO’s leader Ye Wenjie arrested. Later, in order to wipe out ’’Judgement Day’’, he and Shi Qiang propose Operation Guzheng and he provides the “Flying Blade” material, leading to the victory of their mission: Mike Evans, one of the ETO’s leader, from the Adventists group, is killed by cutting him into three parts, the UN also gets a lot of information from the Trisolarans.

In ’’The Dark Forest’’, Wang Miao has not appeared anymore, according to Shi Qiang’s description, Wang Miao’s nanomaterial makes a significant contribution to the space elevator and dies in about his 100s, good death. Wait! According to the timeline, he should have caught up with the Great Ravine!


Wang Miao seems to be the POV of The Three-Body Problem, but he has a weak presence This is what is often said in Chinese clue figurevery big background actor: The real main character is Ye Wenjie.

That’s why many readers said that they can't remember who he is. Of course, this also has some elements of ridicule.